5 Alternative Relocation Destinations You Haven’t Considered



Finding that dream property is a more and more difficult task these days if you believe everything you read. But don’t worry there’s so many options and relocation is often overlooked as an option. This guide will look at 5 alternative relocation destinations you might not have previously considered.


  1. Canada


Why not consider relocating to our neighbour to the North, Canada, it’s not too much of a culture shift as many of the same stores, restaurants and even good old US TV is available and it has great lifestyle and benefits for living such as free healthcare. The unemployment rate is remarkably low at 5.8% in some places and there are a staggering amount of great affordable property available.


  1. Anywhere Where House Prices Are Rising


Although relocating is a real lifestyle choice and can give you a whole new cultural experience it can also be a financial move. If you check out where the property prices are rising fastest then you can make a wise investment that will earn you a great profit while having a great new cultural experience in a new state.


  1. States That Are Good To Self Build In


There’s been a big increase in the amount of people self-building their own houses but it’s not always the most cost effective idea depending on where in the country you’re looking to build in. To get the best possible plot it might be a good idea to focus on a state where a variety of land is available and at a good price. When researching this you can get info from sources such as this guide to developments in Iowa this will give you a good idea of what is available.


  1. Hawaii


Want to move somewhere exotic but is still actually American then Hawaii is the perfect solution, you aren’t leaving the country but it’s so different in so many ways. The benefits of Hawaii are vast, from the warm climate, beaches and lifestyle it could be the best move your family ever made. Have a good look at which of the islands suits you best as they are all a little different and can make a big difference.


  1. Europe


Why not consider relocating to Europe, now this is a very big idea with lots of possibilities, there is the English speaking United Kingdom which would be the easiest transition but so many possibilities and the opportunity to learn a new language and culture could be the most rewarding experience you could have. There is a lot involved in moving to Europe so be sure to plan for visas and employment etc, research the language and tax systems before you finally decide.


Overall you need to plan this very carefully as adjusting the family to an entirely new location is a lot of work and especially where children are involved is key to make plans early and keep them involved and be sure they are up to speed. But if thought out and researched properly this could be the greatest adventure.

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