Helping Families Adjust To Living In a New City

Packing up your entire life and moving to a new city can be quite a scary task. Yet, there are thousands of families which often do that and go through the highs and lows, the excitement and the frustration associated with relocating to a brand new city. The relocation process obviously begins with packing and transporting your things to the new location. Let?s start with a few tips to help you pack and shift in a more organized and stress-free way:



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1. Don?t leave things till the last minute!

Until and unless, you have no choice and need to shift in a hurry, try and be a bit organized and take at least 1 or 2 months to plan and shift things smoothly. A countdown/planner/list could help in such a situation. Make a list of all the items under broad headings and target one group of items every week.

2. Have a strategy in mind

You need to have smart strategies for the simplest tasks when moving to a new location. What is the easiest and quickest way for you to get to the new city? How many trips can you make for shifting your things? Can a friend help out with a truck or do you need to hire it from a moving company? All these questions need to be answered systematically when you start the relocation process. Make a strategy and allocate tasks to your family and friends, so that the burden gets divided. Also, make a comparison of the moving charges of various companies before hiring one. Try and select one referred by a family member or friend.

3. Communicate with the movers –

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Moving experts suggest that it is vital to communicate properly with the moving firm. You need to be clear about your various requirements before you book a company. Every minor detail needs to be noted down in order to calculate the total cost and time involved in the moving process. The right transportation and equipment are also highly important.

4. Settling in a new city

People often feel relaxed once the moving task is finally over. But then they get to the part of adjusting to the new settings and environment. It?s a completely new city and you have no idea how things work here. If you wish to make the most smooth transition for yourself as well as your family as you settle in a new city, try and research more on the local amenities available in the area where you live. This is the starting point of getting to know the city.

Before you make the actual move, invest some time in reading up on the city and try and talk to people already living there or those who have spend considerable amount of time in the city and are familiar with it.

If you have school-going children, the research part becomes even more relevant. You will have to find out about the good schools in the area and their enrollment process, curriculum, activities, sports and so on.

Quick tips to feel comfortable in a new city

Follow your Routine:

Irrespective of whether you shift alone or with your entire family, it is advisable that you continue following your everyday routine in the beginning. It will help you feel more comfortable. Do your tasks the same way at the same time, whether eating dinner, watching TV, gardening. You will be able to adjust better this way.

Let children do the set-up:

Allow your children to set-up their own bedrooms in the new place so that they feel included in the shifting process. Suggest them to take a walk in the neighborhood or go meet neighbors to get more comfortable.


Apart from seeking help from neighbors, just use local directories and drive around if possible to check out local attractions, shopping centers, entertainment options, restaurants and recreational activities in the city. It is best to get important numbers, such as those of local repair companies from your neighbors.

Moving house can be a very satisfying experience if you plan ahead. Take a look at this very handy Pinterest page which highlights 100’s of moving tips from both professional movers and everyday people sharing their experiences.

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