3 Tips to Find His Inner Bad Boy from Former Bachelor Jake Pavelka and Mehow


Have you heard of the new and very popular Yahoo! Shine web series called “The Girl’s Game” hosted by romance rescuer and professional pick-up artist Mehow?  If not, you are in for a treat!


“The Girl’s Game” gives women unconventional relationship advice on how to land the man of their dreams. In each episode, Mehow teaches a woman how to overcome the issues holding her back from finding love. He is empowering women with all the tips and tricks they’ll need to get and keep Mr. Right.


For example, have you ever asked yourself, “Why do girls love bad boys?” Mehow and former star of The Bachelor Jake Pavelka dig into that question on one of the episodes and help women to finally stop going after the bad boys and find a good guy with an internal bad boy side. I invite you to view the episode here:http://screen.yahoo.com/girls-game/.




 Here are three tips Mehow and Jake came up with to help your female audience discover a guy’s inner bad boy:

1.    Be sassy; see if he can take it.

2.    Ask a hypothetical question that brings out his dangerous side.

3.    Reveal your inner bad girl side and see if he approves.


Need more … here are three additional tips for both men and women about dealing with the opposite sex written by Mehow- http://shine.yahoo.com/love-sex/girls-game-season-finalle-3-tips-both-sexes-195500893.html




Mehow also has two books to help people find Mr. or Ms. Right; “How to Talk to Hot Women” released in June 2013 and Mehow will soon release his second book called “How to Talk to Hot Guys” this fall.

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