7 Strategies To Debut That Summer Body

7 Strategies To Debut That Summer Body

Memorial day weekend is one of the first large social events when the weather gets nice. With this being said you want to make a great impression when debuting your summer body, especially to those who haven’t seen you in a while. Now since we have a couple weeks and you didn’t wait to last minute, we have some preparation time. If you can incorporate these seven strategies in the weeks to come, you will be stealing all the glances from the men and getting the dirty envious looks from the women who didn’t prepare as well as you did.


Okay here’s the plan of attack


Strategy 1


Cut out dairy

No Cheese– Also, no milk, or dairy. For you die hard coffee drinkers try substituting a almond or coconut based creamer. Use unsweetened almond milk for shakes or any other dairy need. Not only is dairy calorie dense it makes your body retain water which is a no no on the beach.


Strategy 2

sweet _potato

Choose your carbs wisely– Lets drop the super carb rich pastas,cereals, and all wheat grains that cause bloating and inflammation in your abdominal region. Lets instead focus on eating sweet potatoes, yams and squash. Brown rice is moderation is okay also but 1/2 cup to 3/4 cup at a sitting and use regular brown rice, although some of the basmati and other types are tasty they have a much higher carb content event though they are still considered brown rice.


Strategy 3


Watch your fats

Watch your fats-We all need healthy fats for a healthy body but fat is very calorie dense at 9 calories per ONE gram. So let’s relax with the late night peanut butter feeding and instead cook our food in coconut oil spray or pam spray to minimize calories and eat 1/2 avocado at 2 different times of the day for healthy fat. If avocado isn’t your thing try 1 ounce of almonds 2x a day with meals. Also make sure any red meat is a lean cut with the lowest amount of saturated fat you can find. Bison is a great alternative to regular chopped meat with only 3.5 grams saturated fat per 4 ounces.


Strategy 4




No more cardio-WHAT! I want you to do circuits that hit high intensity cardio, core/abs, and major muscles groups in one workout. For example pick 5 exercises and do each one for a minute straight back to back, than rest and repeat two more times for a total of three rounds. Some great exercises to include are squats, mountain climbers, v-ups, burpees, jumping jacks, supermans, pushups, plank hold with knee to elbow, and jump squats.


Strategy 5


Don’t stuff your face but instead a average women can consume roughly 4 ounces lean protein 4 oz sweet potato and half avocado for a complete meal. The main take away is you can feel like your eating more while slimming down.

Missing Meals-Far too many women skip meals, a meal time is every hours and everytime you make your body wait longer to eat you are training your body to store body fat to preserve energy because it doesn’t want to starve and break down and it doesn’t know when its getting fed again. Don’t stuff your face but instead a average women can consume roughly 4 ounces lean protein 4 oz sweet potato and half avocado for a complete meal. The main take away is you can feel like your eating more while slimming down.


Strategy 6


Greens-adding vegtables to meals is a great way to get more nutrients, add fiber for a sense of fullness and satisfaction, and also stabilize blood sugar to keep insulin levels down which help decrease body fat. My favorites are steamed green beans, spinach, kale, or asparagus.


Strategy 7


Drink around 3.7 liters or 1 gallon daily
Drink around 3.7 liters or 1 gallon daily

Stay hydrated– many people consume so much coffee and alcohol and not enough water. Drink around 3.7 liters or 1 gallon daily. This will help your body retain less water, flush out excess salt and sugar, and have your muscles and mind performing at an optimal rate. I like to 2 tablespoons of trace minerals to my gallon of water just to ensure I am replenishing all the minerals I am loosing during intense exercise. Minerals have numerous biological functions in your body but a few  mains ones are: Help your body recover faster, combat stress, reduce anxiety, keep muscles hydrated, and improve the quality of your sleep better.


the fitness cheat sheet

Daniel Calabrese has been into fitness since he was a child, starting off in martial arts at 4 and becoming a personal trainer at 18. Daniel has had the unique privilege to work with some of the best names in the business such as Martin Rooney, Juan Carlos Santana, and Rob Orlando. Combining his knowledge of various exercise modalities such as speed and performance training, functional strength/strongman training,MMA strength and conditioning, and his experience as a NPC Mens Physique Competitor, he has created what some hail as the more detailed evolution of Weight Watchers.

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