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Fantasize about wearing fashion week’s hottest looks and driving luxury cars but don’t have a Louis Vuitton wallet full of cash to support your greatest desires?  We have put together a slideshow of ways to get luxe for less.


Regardless if your trying to figure out how to roll up in a Rolls Royce or be spotted with the season’s newest it bag, we have the tips to look like a million bucks while only spending pennies.


Who says a beer budget can’t have champagne taste?


Saving on smartphones


Luxe for Less Text Solavei_Iphone

Give the gift of talk: a brand new smartphone is the perfect gift for teens and adults, but what about the monthly service cost? If you’d really like to make your daughter happy and keep your account in the black, get her the latest iPhone with a prepaid plan instead of going with AT&T or Verizon. While the big names like AT&T will charge upwards of $100 for iPhone service, a prepaid carrier like Solavei will only cost you $49 per month for unlimited text, talk and data. 

Luxury Car


If you live in a big city and and can’t afford that Benz you want, prepaying for ZipCar service might be an option for you. By prepaying $50 per month, ZipCar members have 24/7 access to shared cars in their respective cities. The ZipCar app for iPhone and Android allows members to find cars in their areas, reserve, unlock and even honk the horn of available cars in one of the 15 US cities where the car sharing service is offered.


Faux Fur


nobis gazelle


Fur’s the word for fall fashion, but who can pay $1,000 for a real fur accessory (not to mention the PETA issues)? If you want to get the luxe look of animal fur at an affordable price – go faux! a headwear and outerwear company, makes some faux fur hat and accessory options that won’t break the bank, including the Gazelle is a perfect cold-weather accessory for just $88.

Shoe Subscription

High Heels

If you want new shoes every month, but can’t pay the price, consider a shoe subscription. Alongside your VOGUE and InStyle mags every month, a new pair of shoes from SoleSociety can show up in your mailbox once a month for just $49.95, regardless of retail price. Just take a quiz to figure out your “shoe personality” and start receiving a new pair on the regular.

Resale options

Chanel handbag

We would all kill for a Chanel handbag, but our pocketbooks are as deeps as the celebs, so if you want to own or give the gift of a designer handbag, try resale! Sites like Fashionphile let the other 99% of us have the luxury of beautiful handbags. And if we have old ones lying around, we can sell those on the site as well!


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