Join D’Errico’s Jewelers Mt Kisco Treasure Hunt





I’ve got some really exciting, actual breaking news for you.


D’Errico Jewelry is holding a real life treasure hunt in Mount Kisco next Saturday, the 28th, from 11 am — 4 pm.


They’ll be giving out a total of $10,000 in prizes.


We’re talking real gold and diamonds in pieces that are worth as much as $3,500!


The participating stores are: Bellizzi Restaurant, Be Unique Boutique, Body Beautiful of NY, Café of Love, Elephants Trunk, Frannies Goodie Shop, Heads Up Main Street, New York Dolls, and Tiger Lily.


Winners will find actual diamond, gold and gem treasures in the trademark D’Errico white and black shopping.


Go to D’Errico’s Facebook Page at D’Errico: Log Cabin Jewelers for more information.