You are invited to Around the World with Daisy a fundraiser for the Daisy Jopling Music Mentorship Foundation



The Abbey Inn and Spa
900 Fort Hill Rd, Peekskill, NY 10566

The Abbey

Date and Time

Thursday, September 21, 2023, 6 PM – 9 PM

Musical Performances and a Surprise Guest

6 PM musical performances around the Abbey grounds Hors-d’oeuvres and drinks
7:30 PM Daisy Jopling Band and special surprise guests concert in the main ballroom


Susan Feldman, Director of Ovation Strings Program
Martin Ginsburg, Ginsburg Development Companies
Rotary Club of Peekskill


Tickets: $500 per person
VIP: $1,250 per person. 10 VIP tickets for $10,000
VIP ticket includes either an overnight stay at the Abbey Inn and Spa worth $500, or a special spa gift package, also worth $500.

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The Daisy Jopling Music Mentorship Foundation is expanding it’s programs geographically to:

  • Assist more school districts with their music programs
  • Develop curriculum materials
  • Develop a volunteer force of musician teachers, mentors and performers
  • Organize summer camps
  • Organize collaborations and mentorships between students and world-class musicians
Total estimated reach of students in 2024: 3,500

Thank you for your support!

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I have a dream…
of children around the world being given the opportunity to study and perform with world-class musicians.

Starting in Peekskill, I have seen a total transformation in hundreds of children over the last 12 years, who have changed their lives from struggle to success both in their school and personal lives, through our music mentorship and performance programs. This transformation inspires and uplifts them, their families, and whole communities.

We are expanding our foundation’s reach geographically to reach more than 3,500 children in 2024, providing unprecedented, empowering opportunities.

Our programs support and facilitate schools to give children music education. Music encourages self-expression, discipline, learning capabilities, problem-solving, and confidence whilst performing, and is a game changer for children from all backgrounds.

The Daisy Jopling Music Mentorship Foundation bridges the gap between youth and the elderly, by offering performance opportunities for students and access to live performances to people who are not otherwise able to attend concerts. This is a joyous, uplifting, and healing experience for all involved.

We have chosen this magical venue of the Abbey Inn & Spa to entice you with a musical adventure that includes powerful performances by the students, ending with a performance by the Daisy Jopling Band with special surprise guests.

Daisy Jopling is a world-renowned violinist who has toured the world, recorded nine albums, and was the first international violinist to perform a major concert at the Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt in 2022.