Women’s Day Sale on Top Amazon-Rated Eclat Castor Oil Made from Hand-Harvested Brazilian Castor Beans. Don’t Miss Out!!

This amazing organic-based product can help you to get ready for Women’s Day, or it can be the perfect gift for your loved ones!


With pure, extra-virgin, organic, vegan castor oil is naturally rich in Vitamin E and Omega 3 fatty acids to rejuvenate nails, skin, and lashes, the Eclat Castor Oil also comes now in new packaging with a lash serum applicator! This amazing product is at just $5.39


This Top Amazon-Rated product is produced with oil derived from ricin-free beans, meaning it can be extracted without heat & preserves 100% of the vitamin E content.

The patented FrostProtect glass bottle also blocks UV rays to ensure the oil is stable for 65.3% longer. After customers use it after 14 days, 97% agree they saw faster hair growth & more vibrancy.


Refined castor oils (including Jamaican black castor oil) lose critical nutrients such as Omega-6 due to heat processing. Eclat Castor Oil is unrefined & dermatologist approved to grow eyebrow/eyelash hair.