How Many Women Have Your Body Shape?


If you feel like you are the only one with a body shape such as yours, take a look at this chart and see how you are so not alone.
Many of my clients feel that their body shape issues are unique, when in fact they are in good company, and not at all in the minority.
I have clients in each of these body shape categories, and a few that are a combination. Personally speaking, I sometimes shift from one body shape to another, depending on how much weight I have gained or lost.
The secret is not to feel hopeless, but rather discover the ways to cleverly minimize the wider body parts and visually enlarge the too small parts.
Referring to the chart above, if a woman has a spoon body shape, then she needs to bring more attention to her top half and if she is a rectangle, then details and cuts in her clothes need to create the illusion of a waistline.
With a rectangle body shape, or the desire to hide the muffin top and common waistline spill-over, avoid boxy shaped tops such as this mint colored one.
By wearing a top shaped like a box, you create a square shape to your body, which makes you look larger than you are and hides any hint of a female form. The curves women have should be celebrated and enhanced no matter what size she may be.
I show my clients how to choose clothes that accentuate the positive, reduce and often eliminate the negative, so that the tummy, hips and whatever else may be a trouble spot, simply disappear.
Certain seaming, cuts and angles of clothes do a great job of covering up without boxing you in, and I love finding them.



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