Why Buy A House In The Mountain States


The Western United States, better known as the Mountain States, are generally 9 different states with very few metropolitan areas. Arizona, Wyoming, and Colorado are just a few that lie atop the mountains. Across the Mountain States, the climates of each will drastically differ. Some are known for their winters, like Colorado, while others, like Arizona, are known for hot summers. That said, the serenity of idyllic living in the mountains will have its advantages, but also disadvantages. Depending on where you choose to buy your house, you will have to consider a lot of the different aspects that are associated with the mountains.

The mountains are surrounded by some of the most magical views. For some people, that can be a compelling enough reason to buy a house there. However, others might not enjoy being isolated from the city. The general perception of mountain living is thought to be simple, but without the proper tools, it can be exhausting. The most obvious challenges include commuting and power outages. People love to go to mountain places like Allgäu, Colorado, Faroe Island, Grindelwald, and more popular places worldwide for holidays. Nevertheless, a few challenges in exchange for fresh air living might seem like a fair compromise. Here are some of the perks of mountain living.

What to Expect from Mountain Living

Apart from the limited access to freeways and highways, you can forget about hailing a cab. The mountains are relatively secluded, and although it can take you no less than 20-30 minutes to find the main road, there is barely any traffic that will hold you up. It is best you give a few trial runs to and back from the city. This will give you an idea about the duration of the drive you should expect, which will either be shorter than city commuting, or get you to work around the same time, but without any hassle. 

Everyday commutes will become infrequent, as the long drives for groceries will be uninviting. However, this will have you be better organized and will give you more time to enjoy the peaceful nature. During the winters, the main roads can be blocked, either due to an avalanche or an obstruction, which is fine if you are not a doctor. But, this is not a frequent occurrence and is usually repaired the next following day. 

Lifestyle Benefits

The mountains are not fit for a secluded lifestyle, but they provide a means for connecting with nature and with your loved ones. Take your family on a fishing trip, or teach your children how to sled. Nature is limitless, and living in the mountains will make sure that you benefit from the health advantages. 

In the mountains, you enjoy the advantage of having a community, and also the advantages of privacy. The real estate advisors at Stewart Realty, LLC explain that you can find houses in the mountains with schools a walking distance away. However, it will depend on your neighborhood. Still, it means that your children will get to grow up within a community, while also growing in physically better shape.

During humid nights or the blazing mornings of summer, you can always get milder temperatures at greater elevations. And the scenery will not disappoint. Up in the mountains, there is no limit to the number of activities you can do. You can go hiking, go out on your bike, and enjoy fishing in the lake. You can take skiing classes, or pick up a sled and just have fun. All of these are year-round activities, which you can choose to do at any given time. 

You can buy a house by a lake in one of the warmer states. It will make you feel as though you are on a year-round vacation with absolutely no worries. When work gets tough, just sitting by the lake can be enough to distress you.

Health Benefits

Generally, all areas of the Mountain States share many of the mountain’s unspoiled characteristics. The biggest health benefit will be the fresh air. But apart from that, mountain living brings other health benefits.


When you are up in the mountains, it is possible for you to eat more without gaining more weight. Recent studies show that, simply by being at a higher altitude while expending energy, your body will burn calories faster. This will make it easier for you to keep fit, which improves all the aspects of your health while reducing your risk of common diseases.

Prevent Heart Disease

Keeping you fit and lowering your risks of obesity are not the only advantages of the altitude, as it can also prevent heart disease. According to studies, a certain gene in the human body is activated only at high altitudes, which lowers your risks of heart disease.


The landscapes and unquestionable beauty will inspire you to start working out. In fact, out of the ten states known to get more exercise, none of them boast extensive mountain ranges, which cannot be a coincidence. This may be due to the improved cardiovascular system. 


Living at higher altitudes can increase your lifespan, and there is anecdotal evidence to corroborate that fact. Also, studies have been able to show a correlation between higher altitudes and a longer life expectancy. Eleven out of the twenty states with the highest life expectancy were all found at great altitudes, surpassing 5,967 feet. 

Living in the mountains is not for everyone. But if you choose to buy a house there, whether it is for the health benefits, the mild weather, or the beautiful sceneries, it will always feel as though you are on vacation, and that is because, in a way, you are. You do not have to worry about breathing in the city’s polluted air, and there are no horns honking day and night. Buying a house there, in the Mountain States, will have you unlock your potential with inspiration and endless ambitions. That said, the year-round activities will keep you and your family entertained. What can also add to your experience is engaging with your community, which will likely be filled with people who enjoy nature as much as you do. Finding a house that offers something for everyone is feasible, but only in the mountains.