Peace and harmony are the essential elements for the development and prosperity of a country. Therefore, it is the collective responsibility of the citizens and the government to take measures to maintain peace and reduce crimes in the country.

If you are interested in playing your positive to lower crime rate at the city or community level, you need to learn about this field. Educating yourself in this field will help you put forward your contributions towards a safe and peaceful society. An online criminal justice degree is one of the suitable and convenient ways to learn about crime control and peacekeeping.

Ten ways to reduce crime

In this article, you know all the possible ways that hold the potential to reduce crimes in your city. Thorough research lies behind the accumulation of this information. Therefore, I expect you will find these crime-reducing ways very practical and to the point.

Localize initiatives

Many cities around the world are facing localized crimes. For an instant, if a gunshot crime is occurring at a higher rate in some parts of your country or city. You need to start some localize programs to deal with this specific issue. As for this example, stricter gun rules will help to reduce shooting incidents. Likewise, everywhere where there is a particular problem in a bounded locality, effective localized rules and policies work the best there.

Treat crime as a humanitarian issue

It is very difficult to understand the feelings of a family who has suffered due to violence. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the government and NGOs working to control crime, and they must handle this issue with deep concern. It is their responsibility to protect every citizen who is residing in the city. Moreover, being a citizen, you can show your sympathy with the victims` families through social media. This will offer strength and courage to the deceased family to remain strong.

Educating the new generation

Education is the only way out of ignorance. You can educate young members of society to develop a vision of peace and harmony among them. As per different studies, it is evident that countries with lower literacy rates have higher crime rates. Therefore, start educating your young generation about diversity, peace, and harmony. This type of approach will surely help your city become more peaceful.

Avoid target policies against a community

In most parts of the world, there are few loopholes in the policymaking, which induces much-targeted policies to repress a community or ethnicity. It happens that based on the criminal, his/her whole community is repressed. This is a very wrong action; this can provoke the whole community and result in more unrest. Targeted policies will only worsen the situation; instead, go for community building. If you think that most criminals come from this community, work on building that community in the right direction. Educate them and bring them towards peace.

Stay Alert

Crime does not happen abruptly, and it occurs progressively. Therefore, there are chances and options to stop a crime before it occurs. Staying alert can help you to identify all the potential step stones to crime, making early efforts can save your city from crime.

The state of law and order, general public views about the safety measures are key points to identify crime occurrence in advance. If your city is going through a weak law and order situation, then your city is prone to crime. Make all the best efforts to keep a strong law and order situation in the city, so that criminals fear to do any crimes.

No gender discrimination in dealing with a crime

Although the male gender is more involved in criminal activities; however, there are also many female criminals. Briefly speaking, both genders can perform criminal activities. Therefore, it is important to treat both female and male criminals with the same level of strictness. If your criminal rules give advantage to female criminals, then it is possible that criminals use this as a tool. They can commit crimes via females and take advantage of weak criminals’ rules for females. Strong and free from gender discrimination, criminal laws can help to uphold the peace of the city.

Focus on poverty and class differences

It is a common observation that many criminals belong to poor family backgrounds. A famous quote states. “Necessity is the mother of invention,” members of the poor families choose crime as a source of earning. Sometimes they themselves commit crimes. Other times they are hired by some criminal gangues.

Bigger economic differences in society are also associated with higher crime rates. In an imbalanced economic society, lower-class people struggle with more financial issues, and crime becomes the potential way to fulfill their needs. Hence, to foster a peaceful society, you need to understand this factor and take steps to deal with this factor. Introducing employment opportunities and welfare support for poor people can foster peace and help to reduce crime in the city.

Drugs control initiatives

If you read the history of crime, you will know that most of the criminals are drug addicts. It means that drugs are a potential factor in converting citizens into criminals. Drugs do not come at low prices, and drug users need quick money to keep doing drugs. Crime is one of the options drug addicts use to earn good and quick money.

Keeping in mind the potential of drugs in leading people towards crime. It is vital to take steps to control drug abuse. Strict drug control rules by the government and rehabilitation centers from NGOs can help fight drug abuse.

Identify the root causes of crime

This is approach will help to completely eradicate crime from your city. If a city is facing crimes, there must be some route cause laying in the foundation of criminal activities. A deep and thorough investigation of the crimes and criminals will lead you to the root causes of crimes. Mostly, a wrong religious belief, poverty, inequality, and drug abuse are the root causes of crimes. Once the root causes are identified, then a proper action plan can be designed to deal with these causes.

Practicing moral values

Human society is more peaceful and kind if it follows the moral values. If you want to reduce criminal activities, you need to work on fostering kindness, sharing, caring, peace, goodwill, and faithfulness. If citizens of a country are abode to their moral values and keep practicing them, the country becomes more peaceful and serene.

Therefore, moral values are a powerful way to reduce crime in your city. It is essential to practice moral value in an individual capacity and on a communal level to bring more peace into the society.


The implementation of strict and effective criminal rules at a local level has a higher potential to reduce crimes in the city. There should not be any gender discrimination while dealing with criminals. For long term and progressive peace, it is important to find the root causes of crime and work on them. Never support bringing any repressing rules against a community based on a few criminals, belonging to that community. Moreover, for complete eradication of crime, it is important to educate the citizens and guide them to practice moral values.

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