When Do You Require a Lawyer for Pursuing Personal Injury Claims?


Not every claim that you are thinking of against another party would necessitate the involvement of an attorney. The circumstances and facts would best dictate when you would be requiring the services of an experienced personal injury attorney. Often the skills, expertise, and experience of an attorney or maybe just the threat that such a lawyer would present to the insurance company are worth hiring him. You would be requiring the professional assistance of an attorney because of the highly complicated legal rules that are involved in your specific claim or since the seriousness of your injuries would demand compensation that would be varying significantly from the set norm. The services of an experienced and competent personal injury lawyer would be required if the insurance company does not agree to settle the issue in good faith. You would certainly need to hire an attorney when you are putting in a claim for the following kinds of accidents and injuries.

Permanently Disabling or Long-term Injuries

Some mishaps would be resulting in injuries adversely impacting your appearance or physical capabilities over a reasonably long period of time, maybe over a year or could be even forever. Determining the accurate worth of such a serious type of injury could be a pretty challenging business. You would probably require the expert assistance of a competent and experienced lawyer for getting the best possible compensation for your claim.

Severe Injuries

The accident compensation amount is mostly determined as per the severity of your injuries. Remember the seriousness of your injuries would actually be measured in terms of the number of medical bills generated, the types of injury, and the time it would take for you to recover completely and get back to your usual way of life. Once your potential compensation amount increases, the range of compensation also becomes broader. In such a situation, it is a good idea to hire the services of a fully qualified personal injury lawyer so that he could efficiently handle your claim, as well as, ensure that you get the compensation that is ideally at the highest end of your compensation range.

Medical Malpractice

If you have experienced an illness or injury as a result of the unprofessional, incompetent, and careless treatment of a hospital, clinic, doctor, nurse, laboratory or any other medical provider, you would find that both the legal rules, as well as, the medical questions involved are pretty complicated. They would definitely necessitate the services of an experienced lawyer who is known for his expertise in the arena of medical malpractice.

Toxic Exposure

Today our environment is getting polluted and we are gradually marching toward an increasingly chemical world. As such, there are numerous instances of individuals falling sick due to the harmful exposure to the contamination in the water, air, soil, food, etc. Such claims of toxic exposure are really tough to prove and they generally would be requiring complicated scientific data. The chemical industry and most other industries have been able to build a shield to fortify them from any kind of legal exposure. However, they are keeping on exposing everyone to potentially harmful chemicals. Usually, the needed evidence is difficult to get. You must seek legal intervention and expert assistance.

When Insurance Company Disagrees to Pay

In certain cases, irrespective of the kind of your injury, or the lost income, or the medical bill amount, you would be compelled to hire the expert services of a personal injury lawyer when the government agency or the insurance company does not agree to make a fair settlement offer.


Locating a reliable personal injury lawyer is important. You must do proper homework and thorough research. You could consider asking your acquaintances, friends, or some other attorneys for referrals and thereafter, hire a lawyer after a proper interview. You could use an effective lawyer directory online that would be containing information and full details of lawyers including the lawyer’s education, experience, and fees. Examine the credentials before inviting a lawyer for a telephonic or a face to face interview.

 Randall Whitmore is a personal injury lawyer attached to a private law firm in Los Angeles. He operates his own blog along with contributing columns in many legal journals. He insists that your claim compensation has to be commensurate to the types of injuries above all else.