How to Build Your Own Infrared Sauna at Home



Self-care is on the mind of many these days, especially figuring out ways of doing just that while remaining in the safety of your own home. Unfortunately, given the current public health crisis, trying to take care of mental and physical wellbeing is made more difficult given that you can’t just pop into your local spa. And, not to mention the fact that the entire atmosphere has been incredibly stressful and filled with setbacks. If you really want to feel healthy and relaxed, your best bet is to replicate a spa-like experience at home. While this might sound like a tall order, it’s actually fairly doable, especially if you focus your efforts on building an infrared sauna, which is a wonderful and incredibly beneficial tool to have at home.

If you’re wondering exactly how to go about doing that, the following should help clear things up a bit.

Lock Down the Location

First things first, try to find out where you would like to place the sauna in your home. You can pretty much use any space to design and fit the sauna’s infrastructure. MiHigh infrared sauna blanket is the best for you to feel relaxed and healthy as well. Although, most experts agree by and large that the room should be of a decent size – not too small and not too large – and that there can even be a bathroom nearby to make things easier for you.

One thing you want to keep in mind is to check the height of your ceiling. If it is too high, then the hot air will not rise which in turn will not allow the room to heat properly. So, experts recommend that you frame the roof no higher than eight feet to keep the temperature going at the necessary level.

Choose the Right Materials

Next, you will need to choose the right kind of wood for your sauna, and opinions vary on this. Cedar is the standard, although basswood is preferred by those who are extra sensitive to scent or other irritants. You can also look into spruce, pine, and even hemlock, depending on your needs.

Then, of course, the most important and not-so-secret ingredient here is the infrared light bulbs that you need to purchase to make your sauna complete. Infrared light is not visible to humans but rather, it is electromagnetic energy that comes in the form of waves. But, like visible light, it can be reflected or refocused. The TheraBulb brand Infrared Light Bulbs offer interesting shapes that don’t skimp on the inherent functionality. Again, these bulbs are essentially the “tech” behind your infrared sauna working properly, and it doesn’t make sense to not invest well in this arena.

Look Into Kits

One way of circumventing the problems in setting up this space at your home is to look into purchasing infrared sauna kits. Plenty of hardware stores now go through the trouble of putting together the majority of the materials needed without having you wrack your brain as to what to invest in or not. Granted, you may lose some of the hyper-personalized aspects of designing your space from A to Z, but it may make the process more seamless overall.

In the end, getting an infrared sauna set up in your home is far easier than you think. Of course, it takes some time and thought, but it is completely doable. It is also worth the effort and will be a wonderful added value to your home that will go a long way to advancing your mental and physical health.