What Makes the Perfect Family Home: The Definitive Guide


We all need somewhere to live, and when we start a family and children appear on the scene, we need more than a small apartment. It’s time to find ourselves a family home. Even for the experienced house Hunter the task of finding the perfect family home can be daunting. So how do we do it? If we look at each of the most important aspects of what constitutes a happy family home, then it can suddenly become easier to do. Here we will take each of these and offer a few key ideas and pointers to make your journey successful.

People are What Make a Family Home

This may sound a little sentimental and mushy, but it’s the people in the home that early make it. But more than that, when we decide how to layout and present our home, it must reflect the personalities of those who live there. So, everything else we discuss should be considered with that in mind. Your home is the one place you’ll spend more time in than anywhere else, so it has to be correct.


Pick a theme is a question most people struggle with, even asking if we need a theme at all? It may not be apparent, but any well-presented home will have an overriding theme behind every style decision made. The fact that you feel a home doesn’t even have a theme yet still comes together is, in fact, a testament to a fantastic design. A theme can be constructed in many ways. It could be as simple as using specific colors or a type of timber that appears throughout. What is essential is to identify a theme that works with the character of the building.


Choosing the right furniture is often a tricky one. But to get the best pieces for your home does not necessarily mean you are obliged to buy the most expensive. Some of the best fins can be the cheapest around. By this, we don’t mean modular, flat-packed furniture, but rather old and vintage furniture that is not typically classed adequately as antique. The best place to find such treasures is often at auction, especially those for house clearances. If you pick the right day and no one is bidding against you, then you can pick up significantly sturdy furniture for next to nothing.


If you feel the property you are currently in is not capable of being transformed into the one you need, then you might want to consider moving? Getting the correct mortgage is the trick. There are so many things to consider when deciding what house we should buy. The first place to begin before anything else is to find out your budget; this can be achieved with ease by using an online mortgage calculator. It’s also helpful to consider that remortgaging can free up funds to redecorate or renovate an existing property.

The Physical Building

If we are looking at new houses, the size is essential, and you will have an idea of how many bedrooms you ideally need before you begin. This is not always a complex number; for example, you may wish to have a spare room, but if downsizing means a smaller house in a better area, you might give up the extra space. A small property can give a cozy and quaint feel. If done deliberately, it can set the tone of the whole place.

Choosing a Neighbourhood

Where you live can be just as important as what you do with the property. Any neighborhood yo7 move to will have a different character and vibe when compared to any other one. A leafy suburb will give the opportunity to make a certain type of home. In comparison, an inner-city apartment block will have a very different feel. What kind of person are you are the question we all must ask ourselves when deciding this. Have a look around where different new homes in southern California are being built and the layout of the areas.


There are two ways in which we can discuss layout; the physical layout of the building, and the way we layout the furniture and items in the home. If we are looking at the first consideration, then it means we will either renovate the house or build a new property from scratch. Either of these options is time-consuming and expensive and requires a lot of thought and forward planning. The first step in a project like that will be to hire an architect. The more info we have to take with us to the initial meeting with an architect, the better the process will work. If you have a clear idea of exactly what you want, it will assist them in turning it into a reality. Make plans and diagrams, even if they are not to professional standards. Once you have decided on the parameters of the build, it is essential to check in detail the plans drawn up by the architect to ensure they have accurately understood your vision. Once you get to this stage, you then start the real task of hiring contractors and making the dream a reality. Be sure to keep on top of this as construction projects left in their own direction can easily spiral out of control in terms of cost. Consideration should be given to the idea of hiring a project manager to oversee the construction. This may seem like an unnecessary expense, but the correct person will make good hires, get better rates on materials, and more than pay for themselves over the duration of the project.


Up until this point, we have mainly discussed big ideas, changes, and plans, but often the best way to make a house a home is with simple things. Regularly cleaning and tidying our living space is a sure way to make a house feel like the perfect family home. Organize yourself by creating a cleaning schedule and try to achieve a little every day.


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