How to Prevent and Treat Hair Loss in Women


Every day people are likely bombarded with ads about men losing their hair and how to get it back, but there is another group of people that experience this often debilitating issue and do not get the same attention when it comes to how they deal with it and how it makes them feel.

Women are also likely to experience hair loss in their lifetime, but not many people think about how it affects them. Hair loss does not discriminate, and while it is certainly more common in men, women deserve help for it too. Here is how women can prevent and treat hair loss.

1. Proper Washing Routine

Washing your hair plays a big role in how well it can handle the stress of damage. In fact, people who don’t wash their hair can be more likely to experience hair loss because the scalp is not healthy. The best way to properly wash your hair is not to damage the scalp with strong chemicals, but you do want to massage and clean the scalp to prevent dandruff which can lead to hair falling out. Mild shampoo works really well.

2. Hair Growth Clinics

Medical treatments might be needed if hair loss is becoming a difficult issue to control. Finding experts who are good at treating hair loss is not hard anymore, and the number of ways to help prevent hair loss and promote healthy hair is growing. The most popular option is laser therapy, which helps stimulate the cells of the scalp to promote growth. If you feel like you have exhausted at-home options, which may not always work, this is a good way to get a professional opinion on what to do.

3. Consuming a Healthy Diet

The food you put into your body, along with the nutrients and supplements too, is a major factor for how well your hair will look, feel, and grow. If you don’t consume enough vitamins A, B, C, D, iron, and healthy proteins, it can exacerbate your hair loss situation. This will be a major problem and will lead to you not being able to control the hair loss, but a healthy diet, like the Mediterranean diet, can really make your daily intake of nutrients good for maintaining hair quality and prevent it from falling out in the long term.

4. Using Hair-Friendly Products

As mentioned, you want to use mild or weaker shampoos because the chemicals can be harsh on your scalp and on your hair. If you want to find other hair-friendly products, things like coconut oil, argan oil, olive oil, ginseng, and even onion juice can help the hair follicles and the scalp remain healthy and moisturized to promote hair growth rather than loss.


There are plenty of these healthy products around your home, but it is always good to consult with a hair specialist to see what works and what doesn’t because some of them might not be useful for you. One of the best healthy hair products is allurium beauty hair growth products for african americans and for all women that experience hair loss. This hair product is specifically formulated to fix the root causes of female hair loss without nasty chemicals and filler ingredients other companies use.

5. Hair Loss Medication

There are also plenty of medications that one can take to help fix problems with hair loss. The use of hair loss and hair loss prevention medication is a lot more common now than it once was and some people claim that they work well. Two common types of medication are finasteride and minoxidil. The first is a pill that must be ingested each day, while the second is a foam applied to the scalp. It is useful to note that women who intend to take finasteride should not do so if they are pregnant or are planning on becoming pregnant.

6. Better Hair Care

Better hair care is not the same as a proper washing routine and using the right diet, it is about treating your hair with more tenderness and love. Your hair is an extension of your body so you need to treat it accordingly. This means avoiding pulling on it, playing with it too much, being aggressive with a brush, and especially avoiding damaging chemicals from dyes. These are significant factors in hair getting damaged so you need to be careful so you can maintain a better head of hair for longer.

Hair loss is no laughing matter and it can be a debilitating problem for people. It causes self-confidence issues, emotional pain, and is tough to deal with. No one should have to handle this problem alone, so these tips will help you prevent, as well as help treat hair loss.


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