What Are Fly Sheets For Horses?

Designed for use in the warmer months, fly sheets for horses are made using specialist materials which deter flies, mosquitos, and other biting insects. Whether they use material technologies or utilize certain patterns such as zebra print which naturally discourage flies from landing on them, your horse is able to enjoy the outdoors without the nuisance of insects.

As well as insects just being an irritation, they also increase the risk of your horse contracting dangerous diseases. With their bites having the potential to pass on any harmful illnesses or even becoming infected from external contaminants, keeping the risk at bay provides horse owners with the peace of mind that their horses is as safe and comfortable outdoors as possible.

To get the most from your fly sheets, ensuring you find the perfect fit will mean that your horse is comfortable and covered everywhere it should be. The rug should fit closely to their body to prevent any insects from entering but should not be so tight that you notice their hair is rubbing off. Take note of the fit around their neck and chest also as you want to avoid excess pressure and ensure it sits comfortably against their body. Once you find the perfect size for your horse, the snug fit will keep them protected from both insects and direct sunlight as much as possible. As well as this, if your horse has existing insect bites or wounds, then the fly sheet will allow the body to heal naturally without any added irritation or risk of further infection.

If you’re looking to achieve maximum coverage for the body, there are various ways to extend coverage. You can buy fly sheets that extend further up the back to keep the neck and throat covered or alternatively you can buy a separate neck cover that attaches at the shoulders. A fly mask is another popular addition amongst horse owners, keeping insects away from the eyes, ears, and face of the horse so you do not need to worry about nasty bites or damage from sunlight on, particularly warm days.

The primary benefits of fly sheets

  • Prevent disease transmission

Flies and other biting insects can potentially carry dangerous diseases which are harmful to horses. Fly sheets are designed to repel pests and offer a layer of protection from biting, keeping the risk of diseases down to a minimum.

  • Protect from direct sunlight

During the summer weather, precautions need to be made to prevent sunburn and bleaching of the coat. A fly sheet tends to reflect UV rays and keep them comfortable during the heat, minimizing the chance of them catching a painful sunburn.

  • Multipurpose horse rugs

A fly sheet is also suitable for riding, saving you time and effort when it comes to getting them ready for a trail ride or hacking trip. The fly sheet is ideal for use in dusk or woodland where insects are a common problem, keeping them away from your horse as much as possible without restricting their movement.

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