Ways You Can Play Golf At Home

Golf’s popularity as a sport has been soaring for the past 30 years, with millions of people watching tournaments annually and thousands more taking part in them. That’s not to mention the countless other people who love to play golf recreationally. The Covid-19 lockdown has kept millions of people worldwide from enjoying their favorite sport. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to enjoy golf without having to leave the house and hit the green course. This article will outline a few ways you can enjoy the sport of kings from the comfort of your home.


Practicing Putting At Home

You can work on your putting game pretty much anywhere. If you can’t go out on the green, you can still improve your stroke. Putting Mats provide a great substitute for the real thing. Putting mats are a better surface than carpets since the ball moves slowly on the rough surface of a carpet. Another exercise is balancing a coin on a golf ball, you then try to tap a ball against the one holding the coin without knocking off the coin. That teaches you precision and just the right amount of force to use. Putting mats are approximately 8 feet long and have distance markers to accurately show you how long your ball will travel. This can help you significantly improve your putting strokes. The mat records the data of your swing, which it then analyzes to help refine your technique.

Golf Simulators

Golf Simulators are a type of fully-interactive, immersive video game where you play golf at home in front of a big screen projecting the golf course. An amazing benefit of these simulators is their ability to create a very realistic simulation of the golf course. The simulators let you see your aiming and shooting techniques rather than swinging blindly. They also provide feedback on your swing technique, which clubs to use, the strength of your stroke, and so much more. You can enjoy these virtual courses at home and complete almost all the rounds in less than an hour. This program records the contact angle of the club with the ball, as well as how the terrain affects that angle, and you can use different balls and try out different swinging techniques and clubs. Some of these programs also come with tons of courses preloaded on them like:

  • PGA National
  • Muirfield Village
  • St. Andrews
  • Pebble Beach

The feedback it gives you is instant. So you can work on any weakness in your game. To get the best indoor simulator available you need to spend some time researching.

Chipping Nets

If you don’t have space or money for a super-advanced simulator. A chipping net can be a great alternative, it will help you work on your chipping and pitching. It can easily be set up in your living room, garage, or basement. You play by inserting a shot in it. There are a variety of net sizes and material of construction according to your needs. Nets give you a liberal heating zone that can be used quite easily indoors. The net can improve your strikes, plus it helps you improve your game over time.

Full-Length Mirrors

Full-length mirrors are an excellent, low-budget tool that will help you improve your game. All you need is a club and a full-length mirror. While standing in front of the mirror, you can practice and effortlessly see any oscillations before hitting. After seeing the oscillations you can work on improving your swings. You can even evaluate your golf skills and assess your grip technique in front of the mirror, so you can track your progress and identify what areas need improvement. You can even see the quality of grip you get from different clubs. Three feet is a good distance to keep between yourself and the mirror, to see how your hips move plus what your legs are doing. Basically, you can check out your body’s complete posture thanks to the full-length mirror. Keep practicing with the club in front of the mirror repeatedly until you improve your grip.

Being stuck indoors shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your favorite sport. Thanks to the plethora of products available, you can continue to work on your game, even at home. Full-on simulators, chipping nets, putting mats, and other tools can help keep you entertained while improving your game. Practicing golf at home can boost your confidence and improve your physical and mental well-being, so make sure you try one or more of the above suggestions to practice your favorite sport and stay mentally and physically fit.


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