Ultimate Guide to Preparing for a Christmas Party This Year


Each year, as Christmas approaches, employees across the globe gear up for lots of parties and celebrations.

Whether you’re a confident extrovert or a more reserved introvert, Christmas parties are always enjoyable. They’re the perfect chance to socialize with your colleagues over some great food and drink. It’s the time for fun and relaxation, away from the usual worries of everyday life.

If you’ve been given the responsibility of hosting the Christmas party for your work colleagues or your family this year, you’ve got a lot to organize! Planning a great party takes careful considering and planning in order to get things just right.

Not only do you need to plan an inclusive party that everybody is going to love, but you also need to consider getting ready yourself. It’s your time to get glammed up with a stunning outfit and a holiday party hairstyle!

From the food preparation to the festive decorations to the party playlist, here is your ultimate guide to planning an incredible Christmas celebration that nobody will forget.

Make a Guest List

This is a pretty easy step for those of you who are planning a work do. Most of the time, you will be inviting every employee, or at least, every employee within your department if you work at a large corporation.

If you’re having a family Christmas party, it might take a little more thought. Are you keeping it small and inviting only your close family members? Or are you going to invite the more distant relatives to join in on the festive celebrations?

Make a list of people you would like to invite and tally up the total. This will be handy when you start searching for a venue.

Find a Venue

Speaking of searching for a venue, this is the next step in planning the ultimate Christmas party this year. You’re going to need a place that has the capacity to hold all of your guests so make a quick search and find a venue of the appropriate size.

Get in touch with the venue employees and book your slot. If you’re eating at a restaurant and there are quite a few guests, it’s best to make your reservation as early as possible so you have the best chances of getting the place you want.

They might ask for a deposit to secure your place. Usually, you will get this money back after the event, but it covers the venue in case you end up canceling.

If you’re hosting your Christmas party at home, you’re good to go.

Send Out the Invitations

After organizing the venue, you can start sending out the invites. If it’s a work party, you can send out an electronic invitation to each colleague’s work email address to keep it simple. They can respond via email so you know how many people can make it.

If you’re feeling fancy and you want to go with traditional paper invites, find a website that offers affordable printing so you can get custom invites created. Be sure to order them as early as you can so they arrive in good time. You want your invitees to have plenty of preparation time for the party.


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