A Metallic Epoxy Floor Can Be A Showroom Gamechanger

Installing metallic epoxy floors in a showroom can significantly improve its appearance. When potential clients visit your showroom, the first impression they get is a hygienic place, that’s well lit and beautifully overlayed. The best part about metallic epoxy for business is that it’s long-lasting and very easy to maintain. We can confidently say that a metallic epoxy floor is your showroom’s gamechanger.

If you are unsure about what this floor is and what benefit it offers to your business, we inform you in this article. Here’s how this floor can be a showroom game changer.

Metallic Epoxy Floor Explained

You might be familiar with standard epoxy floors. These floors are floors made using epoxy material. Epoxy refers to coatings created by combining two different chemicals. A metallic epoxy floor is similar to a standard epoxy floor but is mixed with a metallic pigment. On this floor, tiny, glitter-like pigments are mixed to produce an epoxy resin, poured on the floor.

When these pigments are agitated with a roller or paintbrush, they gather, twist and separate and turn and reflect light at different angles. With this flooring, installers apply the product to the concrete floor of your showroom.

This material begins as a resin formula but cures to a hard and impenetrable barrier against all the elements.

The strength of s is what makes it a hot-favorite in showrooms and other commercial locations.

Benefits of a Metallic Epoxy Floor

When you install this floor in your showroom, you are sure to reap the following benefits, which will propel your business to levels you never imagined:

Excellent aesthetics

A metallic epoxy floor has a smooth, professional appearance. With an expert installer, you can create a showroom floor that your prospective clients and employees will love. You can create different amazing effects on the floor of your showroom using this kind of flooring. For instance, you can create the look of ocean waves, storm clouds and lightning, or the appearance of opal, and much more.

Metallic epoxy floors have a smooth finish, which makes them a perfect choice for your showroom.


It’s Super-Easy to Clean

You don’t want your cleaners spending too much time and effort scrubbing the floor for the better part of the day. Fortunately, metallic epoxy floors are super-easy to clean. Your life at the showroom will be the floor.

It’s Protective

This floor forms a protective barrier to the concrete beneath. It protects the concrete from stains, grease, cracks, and more. This floor will save you a great deal of money that would have gone into maintaining an exposed concrete floor in the long term.


As long as your metallic epoxy floor is installed correctly, it will last for several decades without cracking or peeling. This will save your business money that would otherwise go to replacing or repairing other types of floors.


One of the reasons why these floors are popular with showrooms is their high levels of resistance. This fantastic floor is resistant to oil, bleach, gasoline, transmission fluid, cleansers, and much more. Besides, these metallic floors are resistant to water and heat.

Choosing the right metallic epoxy floor installation company

A metallic epoxy floor will offer you showroom excellent fire protection. Some pigments used in this coating expand when exposed to heat. This offers a protective barrier to your floor until the fire burns out or is put out.

As you’ve noticed, a metallic epoxy floors is a long process that needs to be done by a professional artisan. This is a nice overview of the metallic epoxy installation process which will help you understand what to expect. Identify a credible and experienced floor installation company that has a tight process and can make your floors come out perfect otherwise it can be a big problem. You’ll be glad you took the time to vet a great contractor because this type of flooring system needs someone that has serious attention to detail in order to execute properly.


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