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Everyone enjoys parties, and hosting a party is a lot more fun and becomes a bit of a specialty when you are on a tight budget. It becomes your second nature when planning for a gathering to choose the right kind of party food and snacks that taste great and keeps your wallet in check. Whether you plan to invite your friends or a family reunion, one needs to get a bit creative to consider a menu that has something for everyone and finding ways to feed a large crowd for less.

Taking your party to another level to satiate your food cravings, we have some exotic concoctions of all time favorites Lunch or dinner ideas

If you are planning a party in winter, then soup is surely a crowd pleaser, and they are incredibly inexpensive to cook as well. So try making soups such as chili, cheddar potato, or ham and bean soup. It can be served with some freshly baked hot buns.

  • Chicken Wings

Everybody loves wings and is a very popular dish in American cuisine that is generally deep-fried, grilled, or baked and It is prepared boneless or the old traditional style served with various types of sauces, such as hot, medium, mild, garlic parmesan or honey flavored. These irresistible finger-licking wings can be ordered from Wingstop as they offer a plethora of options like All-in-one Bundles, combos, or larger groups and cheap enough to serve your guests on a budget. Make use of the best Wingstop combo coupons and deals to amplify your savings on your favorite brand.

  • Pasta Bar- Crowd pleaser

Make your dinner extra special with the Pasta bar option. This is definitely a crowd pleaser and an all- time favorite which your guests will definitely enjoy. This universally beloved food is adult-friendly and totally versatile with variations in pasta shapes, sauces and assortment of toppings which even the pickiest of eaters will relish. The bright color of the sauces, toppings and the varied shapes of the pasta will undoubtedly brighten up your table and make it look fun and festive.

  • Baked Potatoes

Almost everyone loves potatoes and your guests will truly relish the cheesy mouth feel of these freshly baked potatoes which are filling, and totally yummy. These crispy-skinned fluffy jacket potatoes are delicious eaten on their own or can be served with soured cream, shredded cheese or baked beans or whatever variations with your favorite toppings. The possibilities are endless. Tender bits of chicken wrapped in barbeque sauce makes a perfect stuffing for meat eaters and beans and chipotle chili a satisfying meal for a vegetarian dinner.

  • Salads

Salads are wholesome, and healthy to kindle one’s appetite, giving an instant sense of wellness. This accompaniment is enjoyed with a regular meal and with vibrant ingredients, dressings, and flavors it can transform a seemingly regular salad into an attention grabber.

  • Sandwiches and Pizza

The sandwich has been the staple meal for generations and is perfect for all ages. They can be made interesting and attractive by using an assortment of bread with different colors, flavors with a combination of bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes. To add a savory crunch the edges of the sandwiches can be dipped in chopped nuts or cracker crumbs.

  • Pizza Wedges– This is another great meal idea and a huge success in large gatherings. Not a messy affair as they are easy to handle because of the study crust and small amount of sauce with a topping of your choice.


More than just a treat for your palate, dessert is known as the final course that comes at the end of a meal. A party is incomplete without desserts. If you thought that we had forgotten about your sweet tooth, then think again.

  • Cinnabon rolls

For those who have a sweet tooth, savor these incredibly soft and fluffy mouthwatering rolls as they are one of America’s favorite indulgences.

  • Bar buffet

As we are aware that you are on a budget, so this is definitely an inexpensive option with an assortment of bars including chocolate chip bars, lemon bars, Rice Krispy bars, and many more.

  • Ice- Creams

If you love frozen desserts then chill out with some exotic ice-creams and enjoy easy food delivery at your doorstep with great discounts.

So give your guests something new that they can remember for a long time with a little ingenuity without breaking your bank. All you need is to get creative and some elbow grease and the right indulgences can fuel your body and mind and make your party a great success.

Also, to set the ball rolling, we have some mouth-watering appetizers that will leave a lasting impression upon your guests.

  • Cheese Platter

This is a hit and a crowd puller and incredibly easy to serve with minimal cost and effort. Arrange a box of crackers with an assortment of cheese like a block of cheddar, a small wheel of queso fresco, and a wedge of brie making it a snack centerpiece at your party. Another variation can be homemade dips.

  • Deviled Eggs

These are incredibly inexpensive, versatile and a party favorite with a combination of sour cream, mayonnaise, and Dijon mustard as the filling with a combination of herbs of your choice for a colorful and flavorful update to your traditional deviled eggs. Making this snack as an appetizer for just a couple of bucks is doable. Another party variation that is easy to make and not heavy on your pocket can be the recipe of Scotch Eggs, where you need to boil some eggs and roll in the sausage meat, covering it with a blanket of breadcrumbs and fry.

  • Vegetables and Dips

Go rustic and whip up an impressive healthy platter full of nutrients for the calorie-conscious which is very economical and the dips can be bought from the supermarkets or an inexpensive source like Wingstop where they are offering party packs of veggies sticks with 4 dips for small or large groups at a deal which is not at all heavy on your wallet. If you wish to put in a bit of work, you can make an assortment of crispy veggies like carrots, cucumbers, broccoli, mushrooms on a platter, and serve them hummus or guacamole or homemade Ranch, Blue cheese or honey mustard dip if you wish.

Slow-Cooked Mini Sausages

This can be an inexpensive treat if you can stock it from a warehouse club such as Costco or Sam’s club or BJ’s. Often known as little smokies, they are a perfect appetizer for your party. Arrange them in a platter drizzled with some chili & grape jelly sauce and spear them with toothpicks. You can keep them warm on a tray or serve immediately.

  • Cheesy Tater tots

Cheesy loaded tater tots are great as a side or appetizer and are technically potatoes with a slight variation on the traditional spud. These grated potato mini balls are widely recognized by their crispness, cylindrical, and are found in breakfast spots, fast food joints and diners, and a great recipe for parties or social gatherings. They can be fried as well as baked if you are a diet freak. You can choose your favorite dipping sauce while preparing this delicious appetizer and some good choices are sour cream ranch dressing, blue cheese, or even consider homemade Buffalo sauce.

  • Fries

These generally salted elongated pieces of fried Potatoes better known as French fries or finger chips tossed in signature seasonings are served hot, either soft or crispy, and generally eaten as part of lunch or dinner or even as a snack smothered with jalapeno cheese sauce, original hot sauce or any other of your choice.


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