Top 8 Unique Funeral Traditions Around the World


The world is a massive place, with thousands of diverse, unique, and abstract cultures and customs. We have become accustomed to our own personal spheres, and anything outside it is terribly strange, while to those who perform these customs, we are the strange ones. This page will tell you eight unique funeral traditions that you can find around the world. Some of these may seem very odd, but that is because you are not accustomed to their culture. Keep an open mind and continue reading to find out about some really fascinating and interesting cultural funeral traditions!

Here are the top eight unique funeral traditions from around the world.


Cremation is a tradition largely associated with European countries. It goes back thousands of years and is a very popular burial custom still carried out until this very day. It is also highly popular in the Indian subcontinent. When cremating a loved one, it is very important that you have a high-quality and well-made urn to store them in. The professionals of, an urn manufacturer, say that an urn is a way that you can honor your loved one, long after their passing. You should always ask your loved one of their favored burial method before they pass so as not to dishonor them in the grave.


In South Korea, it is very popular for the deceased to be turned into gems-like beads that bear many different colors and are displayed at home. This is a fascinating process and a very unique way for you to honor your loved one after their death while admiring their beauty. This is the most popular burial method in South Korea and something that probably seems very odd to anybody who does not live there and has not heard of it before.


You were told that things might get a little odd here! In Papua New Guinea and Brazil, tribes still to this day practice endocannibalism. Endocannibalism is the practice of eating the dead in order to expel any evil spirits and dispel mystery and fear associated with death. It is a practice that is shunned by the respective governments, but due to the isolation of these tribes and the fact that some cannot be contacted, there is little that they can do. It may seem barbaric to westerners, but it is a highly revered custom and one that indicates love rather than hatred.


Famadihana is a practice that originates from the Malagasy people of Madagascar. It consists of exhuming the bodies of long-deceased loved ones every seven years, shrouding them in robes, and dancing with the corpses. They spray the corpses with wine, as obviously, they smell quite bad, and tell the corpses stories of their lives and families, and what they have been getting up to in the absence of their loved ones. It sounds quite scary, but is a practice steeped in love and emotion, and one they highly revere.

Fantasy Coffin

In Ghana, it is a practice for the dead to be buried in custom-built fantasy coffins. These coffins can range from Ferraris to Mercedes, and even bananas! There are hundreds of thousands of unique possibilities for these coffins, and it is a practice that the Ghanaian people truly love. What better way than to send your loved ones off in the car of their dreams?

Tibetan Bird Burial

In the Buddhist communities of Tibet, it is very common for deceased monks to be cut up into bits and fed to the birds. This is a very popular Tibetan Buddhist practice and a large part of the regeneration of life. Buddhists consider their bodies empty vessels and think that by feeding the birds, they are committing an act of compassion and charity.

New Orleans Jazz Funeral

New Orleans is one of the most soulful cities in America. A very popular and awesome, method of burial in there is the jazz funeral. The New Orleans jazz funeral will see hundreds, if not thousands, of people, come out onto the street with saxophones and instruments and walk in procession with the coffin, celebrating the life of the person who has died. It is common for people to join these processions who do not even know the person who has died.

Environmental Burial

A very popular method of burial in Europe and North America is an environmentally friendly burial. It consists of a biodegradable coffin being buried in an unmarked grave with a tree planted atop it. It is very popular and increasing in popularity year by year.

 Now you know eight strange burial customs from all around the world. Cultures vary and different everywhere you go, and every culture has its own burial method. Fascinating, huh?


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