Tips to Have a Happy Marriage



As seen in many movies and cartoons, when you find the right person, what’s next is getting married and living happily ever after. However, that is not always the case. Not all the time that you and your spouse are having fun and dancing in the moonlight. It is normal that marriages go to rough patches. There are bumps in the road that needs fixing, and sometimes one should have to understand and compromise. It is better to understand that no marriage is perfect. If you see a couple being married for 50 years, they will also probably say the same thing. Each long-term marriage has its own secret to success, and hearing some tips may inspire you to find your own. Here are some tips to have a strong and happy marriage.

Couple Fights

You must understand that no marriage is happy all the time. Like all relationships, even the new ones, encounters ups and downs. However, when you do argue, strong marriages keep up with each other’s beliefs and opinions, recognize where the issue is coming from, and do the necessary action to fix the problem. According to a health clinic that interviewed or gave marriage counseling to couples, they learned that for you to have a happy marriage, you have to weather the hard times. So if you and your spouse get into an argument, this does not mean that you are in an unhappy, bad marriage.

Accept your Partner

It is hard not to see the past mistakes of your partner. There are times that you want to dig up all these minor annoyances and throw it all about to your spouse. However, for you to have a successful marriage, you have to accept your partner for who they are and what their past is. Basically, your partner’s strength as well as their weakness. By doing so, you are setting realistic expectations towards your relationship. For example, if you are good at budgeting money, don’t get mad when they are exceeding your monthly budget. Instead, hold on to that money and set and allocate only a budget for both of your needs. When you help your partner see and use their strength, you’ll experience more relational satisfaction towards your marriage.

Let Each Other Grow

According to a psychologist, if you rely on your partner to fulfill or complete your needs, it can go to an unhappy relationship where you are not allowing yourself or your partner to grow as a couple as well as an individual. Instead, couples that are in a happy marriage complement each other’s strengths and do not complete them. So make sure you do whatever makes you happy and fulfill what your hearts desire instead of waiting for your partner to fill the space.


Try New Things Together

Though it is essential that you should not depend on your spouse in order to have a successful marriage, it is vital that you share mutual experiences together. Spicing things up a bit and creating new interest in your relationship can tighten the foundation and strengthen the bond. When married couples try to learn new things together, such as taking a cooking class together, going to a different country, or taking a foreign language lesson, they evolve as a couple. No matter what activity you decided to do as a couple, know that these experiences will enrich your relationship.

Laugh Together

Sometimes life can be too much, so it’s a big help if you can look for someone who can make things lighter. According to a psychologist, when a marriage is surrounded by humor, it means that it has a strong foundation, and married couples should always find laughter in both good times and bad times. Whether it’s from a petty joke, a funny meme, or even watching one season of Friends together can make all the difference in the relationship. Making a connection with your spouse with laughter can increase your bonding moment and make you feel in love even more.

Celebrate Every Moment

If you are in a relationship, it is important that you know that you have to be with your partner during tough times. However, according to some experts, it’s also essential to recognize your partner’s happy moments too. We don’t usually see this, but good things happen more often than bad, and that is where married couples failed to connect and see the opportunity to celebrate. If your partner shares something exciting about their life, even the smallest thing like they were able to cook their food, or to get a compliment from their boss, stop whatever you’re doing and give them all the attention you have to them. Help them feel that you are there, savoring the moment. In this simple gesture, you are showing that you care and you value the happy moments in your marriage.

These are some of the tips on how you can manage to have a happy marriage. There are a lot of other ways to keep the fire burning. Always love your partner no matter how hard it can be and appreciate each other’s effort, either big or small.