Top 3 Burning Questions About STDs Answered




Sexually Transmitted Diseasesissue in our modern society. Though medicine has managed to find a cure for many STDs, they still plague us with some being incurable like HIV/AIDS.

Many people only learn about STDs in health class but few actually retain anything. Therefore, you will find many people asking questions about STDs.

The fact is that it is still taboo to talk openly about STDs. However, that could change because there are very many people looking for answers.

There are many things people would like to know about STDs but there are questions that repeatedly pop up on many platforms. The following are the three most burning questions often asked about STDs:

Question 1: How Do I Know if I Have an STD?


The most common question you will find online about STDs is how people can know if they have one. It makes sense because most people will only look for more information about STDs if they think that they have contracted one.

The truth is that you cannot know if you have an STD until you get tested. Only then can you be sure. Only after a follow-up test will you be absolutely certain.

Furthermore, different STDs have different symptoms and some of them are very subtle. Common symptoms of STDs include burning sensations when you urinate, discharge from your private parts, unexplained rashes and sores or wounds in the nether regions.

Therefore, if you have even the slightest doubt that you have an STD, you should see a doctor immediately.

Question 2: How Do I Avoid Getting an STD?


Despite the presence of STDs, most people still want to engage in sexual intercourse. On the other hand, no one wants to get an STD.

It is possible to avoid getting an STD through various ways. You should be tested regularly even though it is through online STD testing. The most certain one is abstinence from any sexual activity.

Other ways you can avoid getting STDs is to be faithful and have sex with only one partner, wear a condom when wearing sex, reduce the number of partners you have sex and don’t mix drugs and alcohol with sex.

Question 3: Can I Get an STD More Than Once?


Sexually Transmitted Diseases are just like any other disease. If you are exposed to a disease-causing pathogen you will probably get sick.

You can get an STD once, receive treatment, get better and it will disappear completely. However, if you have sex with someone with the same disease again in the future, you can get the illness once more.

It is especially so with STDs caused by bacterial infections such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis.

Therefore, it is important for you and your sexual partners to be constantly checked for STDs.

To finish, there are endless questions you can find about STDs. However, the three questions above are the most potent and you will find them on almost every STD FAQ page. The more you know about STDs, the more questions to which you will have answers.




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