Tips to Ease Frozen Shoulder Pain


Does your shoulder feel ‘stuck’? Is your shoulder in so much pain that you can barely lift the affected arm? If so, you could be suffering from a frozen shoulder.

People with a frozen shoulder live in desperation because of the pain that hinders them from doing simple tasks such as dressing, combing the hair, etc. Living with such pain can lead to lifestyle changes that affect your everyday life and cause emotional distress.

Common symptoms of frozen shoulder include:

  • Dull or aching shoulder pain
  • Severe pain when the shoulder is moved beyond a certain range
  • Difficulty doing simple everyday tasks involving the affected shoulder
  • Pain when you sleep on the affected shoulder.

The exact cause of a frozen shoulder is unknown but can occur after a trauma or severe shoulder injury. Conditions such as diabetes, aging, and heart disease can also cause this condition.

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Ways to relieve shoulder pain

Below are some helpful tips to relieve shoulder pain.

Get an accurate diagnosis

Frozen shoulder requires special intervention. It wouldn’t help in any way to self-treat the pain without being sure what you are treating. Most people think it’s a neck problem when they experience the pain when it’s frozen shoulder in reality. This is why it is important to seek medical assistance when you notice the symptoms.

Seek treatment from professionals

Many people waste so much money on ineffective treatment from unqualified individuals who are not specialized in a certain area. Hence, it would be of utmost importance to be sure the healthcare professional is experienced in this area of expertise.

To reduce pain, new treatments have been shown to be very effective. One such treatment is ultrasound physical therapy. This treatment helps to ease the pain and accelerates the healing process.

Be informed

You are likely to listen to advice from anyone when you don’t know anything about the condition. Unfortunately, most of the advice could be misleading and only escalate the condition. Therefore, it would be best to educate yourself and know everything about the condition. This way, you will be prepared to follow through with the treatment regime.

Start treatment early

Most people with this condition start treatment in its later stages. The disadvantage is that regaining function becomes more challenging. This is why early treatment is crucial to achieving a good outcome.

Exercise regularly

Exercise relieves some pain and makes it easier to regain range of motion. Performing short but repeated bouts of stretching every day brings satisfactory results.

Alternatively, you can use a rope and pulley to stretch the affected shoulder. However, it would be best to consult a physical therapist first to ensure that you do it right and not harm your shoulder.

Before stretching, you can use heat and apply some ice after the exercise. Heat makes stretching easier by relaxing the soft tissue while ice prevents swelling.

These tips are necessary for getting much-needed relief from shoulder pain. With proper treatment, exercise, nutrition, and rest, the condition can be a thing of the past, and the affected person can live a pain-free life again. It would also help to stay safe during these current times. For example, wearing a mask such as astm level 1 mask would go a long way in keeping you safe to make your journey to recovery a smoother one.

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