Tips on Improving Your Chances of Getting a Boyfriend


You may not have had a boyfriend before or you may be getting over a guy who you broke up with. It can be frustrating when you are looking for a good man whether it is to settle down with them in the future or just to hang out with. You may start to get desperate and this works against your search for a good guy since the more desperate you get, the less likely you are to attract a quality man.

However, with a little patience and mastering some tips, you will get a great guy, one who will not only make you happy but will also have all that you desire in a man. Here are some tips to help you have better chances of finding a boyfriend:

Identify if there is a man that you want to be your boyfriend

You may have eyed a good man and have started imagining the two of you as a couple. It could be at your workplace, at a social place such as church, or at an event. Conversely, you may not have anyone in mind and you are waiting for anyone who walks into your life. If you have a particular man in mind, do your homework so you get to know him well. It would be pointless to have someone in mind but not know them well enough. When it comes to taking your relationship to the next level, you may realize that you cannot get along with each other.

Be confident and bring it out

Are desperation and loneliness taking over you? Well, even if they are, you must show total confidence. You need to work at this for a while since it takes time to build confidence. But you have to come out as confident because men love confident women. They see them as able to take care of themselves and as desirable and worth the effort of pursuing them. You can improve your confidence by smiling at yourself in the mirror, dressing in clothes that make you feel great, and appearing to be in charge or as if you own a place when you enter.

Become sociable

To increase your chances of meeting a good boyfriend, be outgoing and friendly. You need to be out and about attending events and functions and going out with your buddies. Get active by attending community social events, school clubs, school reunions, or club functions and so on. You may also go out for coffee on your own or start jogging or walking or other things.

In this era of social media and finding friends online, make sure that you make friends with various people because you never know who could be a potential boyfriend. You need also to join dating sites like Happymatches and build a killer profile with your best photo while smiling. The chances of meeting a boyfriend on such sites are high since the members are on them with a purpose. But you must exercise reasonable caution with online friends to avoid being scammed or lured into trouble.

Be open-minded and optimize opportunities

The biggest mistake you could make is to assume that you must meet a good guy at a certain place. You can meet him almost anywhere. Do you see that guy who sat next to you on a bus, train, or movie theatre? He could be the one for you. So always be approachable and have a smile on your face. You need also to always look your best and be confident of your hygiene since you could meet a guy anytime at many different places.

It is also critical to seize any opportunity to meet new people that comes your way. Be ready to attend business meetings, dinners, to work in new locations, and so on. All of these events offer you higher chances to meet and get a boyfriend.


To boost your chances of finding a boyfriend, you need to be yourself, thus avoid giving false representation that makes you come off as trying too hard to please or desperate. You also need to be confident and approachable. It is also advisable to show a guy who you like that you have some feelings for him by flirting with him. After all, how can a man who has no hint that you like him become your boyfriend unless you can come up with a smart way of letting him know?


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