Stop Losing Your Valuables 

SPEECHEE Return Reward Tags Use Stickers and Text Messaging To Get Your Lost Items


SPEECHEE  today announces the launch of its new product Return Reward Tags that make it possible for everyone to find their lost items. SPEECHEE combines QR code labels with text messaging (or a free app) to help you get your lost items back and to reward the finder.


Everyone loses things. According to Computer Science Zone, in the United States alone, 12,000 laptops are lost weekly in airports. Worldwide, 80 million pieces of luggage are lost yearly. SPEECHEE Return Reward Tags stick to just about anything and provide a layer of protection that your valuables have never had before. If you lose something with a Return Reward Tag on it, you can get it back and the finder can be rewarded.


SPEECHEE Return Reward Tags are thin, sleek labels. They are easy to apply and register, anonymous, affordable, and will instantly notify you if someone finds your item. SPEECHEE is a one stop shop for managing, finding, and automatically returning your items.


To use, stick a Return Reward Tag on any item (a baseball bat, a cell phone, a laptop) and scan the QR code with the free app. This registers your item with your SPEECHEE account.  You can update the item’s status to ‘lost’ at any time and send an email with the item description and contact info to anyone who might be able to help you find it. For example, if you lose your tablet at the pool, you can email the product information and contact info registered with SPEECHEE to pool management and staff members. If someone finds your lost item, they can scan the code using the app or text a picture of the code and a description of the item to 706-GET-BACK. You will have the option to contact the finder directly or, if you would like to remain anonymous, you will only be contacted by SPEECHEE and your item will be returned. SPEECHEE will also arrange for a reward to be sent to the finder.


According to Uber’s 2019 Lost and Found Index, the ten most commonly forgotten items in an Uber are your phone, camera, wallet, keys, purse/backpack, clothing, glasses, headphones, vape/e-cig, and ID/license—all of which can be protected by discrete SPEECHEE Return Reward Labels, without weighing down the item. On average, an individual spends 10 minutes each day looking for lost items, which averages to 150 days over a lifespan. The time adds up, not to mention the dollars spent replacing, miles traveled to retrieve, and the sentimental toll a lost item can take on someone.  Return Reward Tags are the one unifying solution to the stress, devastation, and disappointment associated with losing your items.




“One winter while riding the ski lift with my two sons, I wondered how many cell phones the mountain staff finds here every spring,” says Marc Elkowitz, CEO and founder of SPEECHEE. “This prompted the thought: There must be a simple and inexpensive solution to the massive ‘lost and found’ problem the world faces.’”






SPEECHEE is a cloud-based lost and found community that helps you protect your items and rewards the finder when they return the item. With SPEECHEE, when you lose something, the whole world is looking for it. The free SPEECHEE app continuously monitors your items and instantly notifies you if any of your items are found.  SPEECHEE labels protect your identity and use state-of-the-art technology and incentivization to get your lost items back to you.








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