Things to Consider Before Sending a Pallet

Sending a pallet could be costly. You’re sending several items under one transaction, and you might pay more than regular packages. These are some important considerations to prevent issues when sending a pallet.
Check the destination
If the delivery arrives within a few hours, a regular pallet will suffice. If you’re sending it internationally, you should look for heated or chemically treated pallets. It prevents potential molding, rotting, and damage during transit.
Determine the appropriate pallet based on weight
Check how heavy your package is to determine the right pallet. It needs to support the entire weight of the materials shipped. Wood pallets are capable of carrying the heaviest items. Plastic is durable and weather-resistant. It’s also easy to stack plastic on top of each other. Hence, it’s perfect as a space-saving pallet. It’s also easy to clean and maintain. The problem is that plastic can cost ten times more than wood.
The life expectancy of the pallet
Before you invest in a pallet, you should determine if it will last long. If life expectancy is too short, it might be impractical. Look for pallets that can endure the test of time and changing weather conditions. You want to use them several times.
Compatibility with your equipment
You want to automate the process in your warehouse if possible. It’s challenging if the pallets can’t travel well along the conveyors due to the size. Check the other handling equipment used such as the forklifts to see if the pallets fit. Otherwise, it could delay the process.
Keep the products dry
You need to know how to send a pallet and keep the items on it dry. Moisture retention could damage the package. It might be useless upon arrival. Long-distance trips could last for days. At that point, your package will no longer be in perfect shape.
Your needs
Not all companies have similar needs when it comes to pallets. Some require more due to frequent orders, while others only need a few. Determine what works best for the company and avoid going beyond the scale of operations.
Ask for a discount
Sending pallets could be expensive. Try asking for a discount first, if possible. Since you’re choosing a regular partner, you might want to request a better deal. If you have a small business that requires regular use of pallets, you need to reduce the overhead expenses.
Determine the date of arrival
You wish to gain the trust of your customers. It can only happen if you provide the order on time. If the delivery doesn’t come on time, and you’re consistently late, it could adversely impact their business. For overseas shipments, you have to avoid promising quick arrival. There are plenty of factors affecting overseas deliveries. The items might also get stuck due to the customs policies both of the countries of origin and destination.
The process could be tough at first, but you will get the hang of it. You can also retain a loyal customer base that will boost your business.

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