7 Handy YouTube Tips and Hacks That’ll Improve Your Experience


Did you know that almost 5 billion YouTube videos are watched every single day? That means tons of people watch YouTube videos without knowing all the features that this awesome platform has to offer!

If you watch even a few YouTube videos, then there are tons of YouTube tips and tricks that you need to know to make your viewing experience even better.

YouTube is an awesome search engine but also a social media platform to help you find awesome videos and people to connect with.

Keep reading for the ultimate guide on seven of the handiest YouTube tips and hacks that you need to know to help improve your viewing experience.

1. Closed Captions on YouTube Videos

One of the best YouTube tips and tricks is that you can turn on closed captions for the videos that you watch on YouTube. The platform automatically generates captions for every video but sometimes creators will take the time to type out the correct captions.

How do you turn the captions on? Well, it’s easy!

When you’re on the YouTube video that you’re watching click on the small icon that says “CC” at the bottom of the video. This will toggle the captions on or off for your videos.

If you’re on a mobile device watching a Youtube video, then click the three dots in the corner. You will find a tab called captions and can turn them on from there.

2. Share Videos That Start at a Certain Time

Do you and your friends love sending funny YouTube videos back and forth? If so, then you know it can put a damper on your fun time when a YouTube video is super long but you only want to show them a specific part.

A YouTube feature that can come in handy is sharing a video that starts at a certain time with your friends. When you’re on the video you will click the “share” button and then check the box that says “start at.”

If you’re paused at the exact time you want the video to be shared, then this will automatically fill and you will be good to go. Otherwise, fill in the box with the time you want the video to start, then copy the link and send it to your friends.

3. Convert YouTube to MP3

Have you ever listened to an awesome song on YouTube that you wanted to download onto your device? It could be because you want to listen to it when you’re offline or because it is more convenient than going to YouTube.

The best way to do this is by using a YouTube to MP3 converter to easily download the YouTube video’s audio onto your computer. You can then transfer it to any device that you want and listen to it wherever and whenever.

This is an easy way to get your favorite songs directly onto your device. All you need to do is find a free converter that you can trust.

4. Use Keyboard Shortcuts When Watching Videos

Some secret YouTube hacks you didn’t know is that you can actually use several keyboard shortcuts when watching videos. These keyboard shortcuts can help you to easily navigate videos and get you around YouTube easier.

Plus, if you’re watching YouTube with someone else, then they will be impressed by your skills.

When watching a video try pressing the spacebar to pause or play the video. You can also you the “m” key to mute the video while you’re watching it. The left and right arrows on the keyboard will let you jump backward or forward five seconds.

Check out this list for a full guide to what keyboard shortcuts you can use on YouTube.

5. Create a Watch Later Playlist

Sometimes browsing YouTube is fun to do in your free time even when you don’t have enough time to watch a full video. One of the best YouTube tricks is to save videos to your watch later playlist.

All you will need to do is find a video you want to watch and click the “Add to” button on the video. Add it to your “Save to Watch Later Playlist” and you will be good to go.

This playlist operates like a normal playlist on YouTube. When you have free time, later on, you can set all the videos up to play one after another.

6. Clear Your YouTube History

Another one of YouTube tricks is letting you have complete control of your YouTube watch history. There could be several reasons why you want to delete your YouTube watch history and YouTube gives you the power to do that.

You can find your history on either the desktop or mobile version of YouTube. It is going to be in your settings and will say history. Here you can either clear your entire history or delete a few videos that you select.

In this setting, you can even pause your watch history. Meaning YouTube will stop remembering which videos you are watching. This could come in handy depending on what types of videos you want to watch.

7. Collaborate on Playlists

One of our favorite YouTube tips is to create playlists and collaborate with your friends. Creating a playlist on YouTube is easy. It is a place to store your favorite videos so you can go back to them later.

You can keep playlists public, private, or you can open them up and have other people submit to them too! This is perfect for if you and your friends want to create playlists together.

You can all add videos that you enjoy whether it is funny videos, interesting videos, or even songs so that they’re all in one convenient playlist.

YouTube Tips and Hacks for You

YouTube is one of the best platforms out there for watching videos made by awesome creators.

Whether you love spending hours on the platform or even if you watch a few videos here and there, be sure to use these YouTube tips the next time you’re on the platform. It will help to make your experience even better!

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