What to look for in a psychic medium


Whether you’re looking for romantic answers, closure after the loss of a loved one or you’re simply wondering what the future has in store for you, reaching out to a psychic medium for the answers you seek has never been easier.

More people than ever before are reaching out to mediums online or visiting spiritual gatherings as a way to find the answers they want. But, how do you know if the psychic you’ve chosen is genuine? No one wants to reveal their most intimate questions and have their emotions played with by someone only interested in their fee. Speaking with a psychic can be an incredibly healing, emotive, and personal experience so knowing that your chosen medium has put your needs first is essential for a positive and genuine session.

Here we’ll explore what to look for in a psychic medium.

They make you feel relaxed

As mentioned above, speaking with or visiting a psychic medium is a very personal and even intimate time. It can also be incredibly emotive and distressing if your goal is to speak with a deceased loved one. Therefore, a psychic medium who makes you feel relaxed and calm in their presence is essential. They should never interrupt you or talk over you. They should only ask questions when they need specific information and only speak when relaying the information, you’ve asked for.

They’ll never tell you you’re cursed

This isn’t Hollywood or some cheesy horror flick. It’s real life, and even if your psychic recognizes negative energy around a certain scenario, they’ll be able to offer advice and shift these energies, but ultimately any changes will be down to you, not their abilities. You should never be told that you’re cursed, born with bad luck or under a bad moon, etc. If you are told this, leave.

They won’t judge you

A good psychic will never judge you or the questions you’re asking. They’ll never cross any kind of boundary that will make you feel as though you’re being judged on your behavior or comments. It’s simply not their place to do so. So whether you’re asking about an old flame you’re struggling to move on from, or whether you should spend your life savings on a business idea, they’ll never allow their personal judgment or feelings get in the way of your reading.

They’ll present you with choices

A good psychic won’t just relay the information they’re receiving, nor will they tell you what to do with the information they give you. A good psychic medium will provide you with some options of what paths you could take next. Again, they’ll never influence you into making a decision, but they should give you plenty to think about after your reading.

And finally, they’re kind

It goes without saying. But if your reader is abrupt, impatient, or just plain rude then ask for your money back. Whether they’re helping you connect with a loved one, or giving you an insight into the next few months of your life, they should always be calm, friendly, and approachable. They should never leave you fearing for your life or worrying that something bad is going to happen!