The Pros and Cons of Virtual Tours


Real Estate is one of those industries that has been hit badly by the current pandemic. All the activities that include open houses, private showings, and the tours of available properties have come to a halt.

Technology affected basically every aspect of our life. With it you are able to easily buy dissertation online or set up your idea of the virtual tour. It means that you can visit the property by sitting on the couch at your home. The estate agents have started using a 3-D virtual walkthrough tour and aerial drone footage that was not common before this pandemic.

A virtual tour is helpful for both the tenants and property managers. Let us have a look at the pros and cons of this new solution that makes physical distancing possible for you and your real estate agents.

Pros of Virtual Tours:

Tour the Property Anywhere without Stepping out from Your Home:

A virtual tour of a property saves a lot of time for you. Just think if you have to step out of your home and see a new rental property to move in, you may have to travel to and back for more than two hours. Dealing with traffic jams, finding parking, and a clingy salesperson are other hassles as well. It might have taken your whole day to see one or two apartments only.

Now you can visit the place you want on a rental without doing all this. Time-saving and no hassle is a benefit of a virtual tour.

Tour Too Many Apartments in Short Time:

Other than time, you can take a virtual tour of as many apartments as you want in one day. You have a video of 15-20 minutes to go through and you are done. If you have to visit physically these apartments, if they are nearby then you can visit 6-10 apartments in a day but virtually you can tour all these apartments in only an hour.

Virtual Tours are better than Pictures:

You cannot rely on pictures to decide to move into an apartment, that is why you visit the place physically. Virtual tours are better and more reliable than pictures. It eliminates the uncertainty that you have in mind because of pictures and gives you a better perspective of the property.

Cons of Virtual Tours:

No Idea of the Neighborhood:

If you don’t have any familiarity with the area of the apartment, the virtual tour will add nothing new. The virtual tour is about only the property you are looking for and nothing else. While on a physical visit you can talk to the neighbor to know the dynamics of the area and see it yourself.

No Physical Interaction with the Home:

In a virtual tour, you can have a detailed look at the apartment and evaluate it for being your next home. But there is a physical interaction with the components of the home before you move in while visiting the place physically. You cannot judge the natural light or a smell in your home on a virtual tour.

No Meeting with Landlord:

In a virtual tour, you don’t have the opportunity to meet the landlord and discuss your concerns with him/her face to face.

To conclude it we can say that a virtual tour is best to save energy and time but very different from physical tours.


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