The Different Ways To Deal With Body Hair

It’s something that we all have to deal with (or choose not to) at one point or another. If you feel like your current solution isn’t helping you deal with an unwanted body hair problem, then it’s time to look at your options again. We’ll look at the pros, cons, how long each solution is effective, and why each might be the right choice for you.


 The manual approach

The old classic model is still the most common. Shaving is an undeniably effective way to get rid of leg, arm, and facial hair, while plucking or tweezing can help you better shape your hair or deal with the little stray strands that poke out seemingly at random. However, you need to invest in good skincare to avoid side effects like irritation and raised bumpy skin. Furthermore, ingrown hairs are always a risk of this method. It’s also very temporary, meaning you have to do it regularly.

There’s a cream for that

While not as powerful as the prescription medications that we will take a look at later, there are over-the-counter solutions to help deal with your hair as well. These hair removal creams come in different kinds, so it’s important to choose one that’s not only a good fit for your skin doesn’t contain the ingredients that will harm your skin if, for instance, you have sensitive skin.

Turn up the heat

Whether done at home or by a professional, the concept of hot waxing is the same. Wax is applied to the skin and left to cool. Paper strips are applied to the wax before it cools and, once it does, the strips are pulled, causing the hardened wax to pull out all the hairs caught in it. This method is effective, but it might not be recommended for people taking certain acne medications and you do want to make sure that you can tolerate some pain before investing in this.

The futuristic approach

If you’re looking for a much longer-lasting solution, then laser hair removal might just be the ticket. Several sessions will see a laser beam destroy the bulb at the source of the hair. It will mean having to make an appointment over the course of months, but it’s the only semi-permanent solution widely available and can help prevent ingrown hair. If you’re looking to get rid of hair for good, this is the way.

Do you need a medical solution?

While often used only in the more extreme cases, there are actually medications that can help you deal with unwanted hair. Spironolactone slows and reduces hair growth in certain areas without affecting your scalp, while Vaniqa can slow facial hair growth. However, you need to talk to your doctor about whether these options are for you.

Aside from the solutions mentioned above, let’s not forget that you always have the option to simply accept your body as part of who you are. A lot more women are doing it these days. If that’s not you, however, then hopefully the information above helps you out.


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