I love The Multitasker for Beauty ReLeaf. With just a few pumps, the Multi-Tasker is your face serum, makeup primer, and moisture mask. It’s so effective; you won’t believe its all natural.

I ran into to fellow blogger Kathryn Weinberger in a Pure Barre class in Mt Kisco,  I have known Kathryn for years, She is a makeup artist extraordinaire,   She actually did my makeup for my sons Bar Mitzvah 15 years ago and as well as numerous other occasions.  She really hasn’t aged,  So of course I had to find out what she was doing.


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Long time Westchester resident, Beauty veteran and beauty Vlogger,  Kathryn Weinberger, (Katsfabfinds) and her partner Julie,  recently launched Beauty Releaf, an all-natural eco-luxury skincare company.
As professional makeup artists they started noticing clients having more and more skin issues, sensitivities and concerns. We knew it was time to develop our own products using only all-natural but highly effective ingredients that would help treat inflammation and aging of the skin.

Beauty ReLeaf has an “earth to face mentality” and focuses on creating a pure 100% natural skincare product line, free of toxins or synthetic compounds. We intentionally choose ingredients from the earth, land, sea that heal, restore and rejuvenate skin cells. Their first product is The Multi-Tasker Serum. It’s a multi purpose Face Serum, makeup primer and hydrating mask all in one. The Multi-Tasker contains the “Best of the Best” all-natural,
hand selected ingredients including the gold standard
certified No-GMO, full spectrum CBD
All of their products will be multi-purpose.
We want to keep your skincare regime “ simple yet effective”
We are a clean and green company. We consider
ourselves eco-luxury. Our packaging is thoughtfully selected in recyclable white opaque bottles to protect the precious actives from sunlight and to prolong the
effectiveness of the product.
After just 1-2 applications you immediately start to notice your skin feeling softer and smoother. After about a week people will start asking you if you had something done ., it’s true.. your skin looks bright, glowing, hydrated and has a youthful, healthy appearance.

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