The Five Best Easter Egg Games

The Five Best Easter Egg Games

Easter is a great time to celebrate all things spring. After a long winter and a lot of time inside, get the kids excited about the new season by setting up some Easter egg games. At PartyWorld, we’ve all the Easter Decorations and party supplies you need to make your celebrations an egg-citing success! From traditional egg hunts to new twists on old favorites, here are our top tips for the five best Easter egg games.

1. Easter Egg Hunts

The traditional Easter egg hunt is the first thought in most people’s minds when it comes to Easter games. You get your selection of Easter eggs together, and then hide them all over your house and garden, before getting everyone searching for as many eggs as possible. It can be amazingly good fun to get the children searching high and low for their chocolate goodies, but why not introduce some variations to make things extra special. If you have a variety of ages and abilities in your family, you might find that the older children grab all the eggs before the little ones have a chance. So perhaps try color-coding your search – each child has to find just the eggs in their color, and the winner is the first one to find all their eggs. Children could also be paired with an adult who has prior knowledge of the hiding places, which might help level the playing field. Kids could even be split into teams and take in turns to hide eggs for the other side!

2. Egg and Spoon Relay Race

If you have access to a large enough outside space, this game is great fun for all the family. Beware the mess if you choose to use real eggs! Split your group into two teams, and establish a course – a route from Point A to Point B. The first person in each team has to balance their egg on their spoon and move as fast as they can from A to B. At B, they meet the second person on their team and hand them the egg and spoon. The second person then has to make their way back from B to A, still balancing the egg. The relay continues until all members of the team have run the course; but if anyone drops their egg, they have to return to where they started from. The first full team to complete the whole course wins!

3. The Egg Roll

This game can be played using hard-boiled eggs, outside or inside. It takes inspiration from the annual Egg Roll at the White House in America! Each child is given an egg and has to roll it the length of a course you set. Get creative with your course – this is a good game to play in wet weather, and you could impose some obstacles along the way to create more of a challenge. You can also choose which method of rolling to use – whether they will push the eggs using spoons, feet, or even nudging along with their noses! Extend the fun by decorating your eggs first in team colors. The winner is the first to the finish line!

4. Hot Boiled Egg

This is a variation of the classic Musical Chairs. You’ll need a plastic egg, which you could decorate to match your Easter theme. It works especially well if you fill the egg with something to give it weight, and then tape it shut. Or perhaps fill your egg with a chocolatey prize. Get everyone to stand in a circle, and as the music plays, the players pass the “hot boiled egg” between them. When the music stops, the person left holding the egg is out of the game. This continues until only one person is left, and they are the winner.

5. The Egg Toss

This is a deliciously messy game that is sure to get the children giggling, but we would advise that you play it outside! Use raw eggs, and make sure no-one minds getting their party clothes messy! Split your group into pairs, standing slightly apart, and make sure each pair has the same distance between them. The pairs toss their egg back and forth, and after each successful catch, they must step a pace further apart, so that their tosses become more and more challenging. The last pair with an unbroken egg wins the game!

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