How To Create a Summer Boho Look

The atmosphere of summer brings associations with boho parties, coastal style outfits, and rustical decorations. All these elements are meant to create a natural but creative look that will evoke memories from a sunny beach bar or a crazy summer festival.

Clothes can also express this atmosphere – by wearing laced tops, printed t-shirts, cropped jeans, sandals, and a lot of jewelry, you can manifest your dedication to this style and look and… keep the summer for longer!

Below, we present a few valuable tips to follow if you want to create a perfect summer boho look.

Boho Style – the Basics

Boho is a style in both interior design and clothing that has its source in the eclectic style of the gypsies. However, it wasn’t until the beginning of the twentieth century when a flowery, nonchalant style was described as ‘boho’.

Now, it is one of the most popular and recognizable styles in female fashion that is a hot trend every summer. What are the essentials in this style?

  • Flowery prints – they create the impression of freedom and being close to nature
  • Ethnic patterns – they bring back associations with mother nature and traditional tribes
  • Natural materials – like wood, stones, wicker, dried flowers
  • Colors of the Earth – such as brown, green, grey, sandy yellow
  • Hats – big hats are definitely a symbol of boho style

Once you know the basics, you can create your own boho look. Remember that all the elements aren’t necessary for every outfit – it’s just the matter of your own imagination and creativity.

Boho Style Guide – Choose the Base

In order to create a unique boho summer outfit, it’s essential to choose a few pieces that will serve as a good base for it. You can exchange them then, and create a few cute outfits.

Get, for example, a lace dress, a crop top, a pair of culotte jeans and a maxi skirt with an animal print. These items will let you mix the outfits and add some variety to your wardrobe.

Oversized, printed t-shirts are another must-have in a boho wardrobe – they blend ideally with romantic prints and maxi skirts.

Summer evenings and nights tend to be cold sometimes, so it’s good to have a light jacket or a sweater to boost your boho outfit.

In this case, an oversized denim jacket or a light, braided sweater will be both perfect options. Remember to keep it simple, but original – don’t be scared of joining a few materials or patterns. Boho style is all about mixing!

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Boho Style Guide – Accessorize!

Accessories are the boho style’s essence, so don’t be afraid to experiment with flowery jewelry, big bags, laces, belts, or heavy boots.

For example, a fringed necklace will be a perfect completion of a boho outfit, as fringes are the symbol of freedom and nonchalance. They are usually made from leather or suede.

Another fancy boho accessories are layered necklaces, which add a bit of elegance to the outfit and make it lighter. You can also wear rings and earrings that imitate flowers.

As far as boho shoes are concerned, there are many options available. You can either go for light, simple leather sandals and add some rock’n’roll or boost your look with heavy boots.

Don’t be afraid to wear martens in the summer – boho lovers wouldn’t bother!

To see some examples of shoes that will match a boho outfit, visit this website.

Boho Style Guide – Hairstyle

The hairstyle is as vital as clothing when it comes to any outfit, boho style included. To finish up the look, make your hair look natural and nonchalant, don’t be bothered with elegant buns or braids. A simple ponytail or light waves will be enough to make you look more boho.

You can also think of adding accessories to your hairstyles, such as colorful hair bands or imitations of flowers. It will boost the boho effect without looking artificial or overdone.

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Planning your boho style outfits doesn’t have to be difficult if you follow its basic rules. Just try to feel the atmosphere of the ‘flower power’ and listen to your imagination.

Remember that style is a really subjective notion, and you can make it whatever you want. T-shirts, necklaces, jackets can be freely personalized to express your emotions, style, and views.

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