Simple ways to freshen up your kitchen this Spring


The kitchen is at the very heart of every home. It’s where we all gravitate to, whether the kids are back from school looking for a snack, or you’re wanting to spend time with your partner after a hectic week. With this in mind, it’s hardly surprising that kitchens can quickly look tired, dull, and despite your best efforts, perpetually grimy.

To welcome this new Spring season, why not update your kitchen with these simple ideas I’ve gathered below…

But before you get down and dirty scrubbing every nook and cranny, remember to use protective gear. Don an old shirt and pair of pants for the job for comfort and mobility, and make sure to

use protective cleaning gloves. These will protect your hands from scrapes when scrubbing away old dirt and stains. Always go for gloves with good chemical and puncture resistance like nitrile.


Clean your oven

It’s a task no one enjoys doing, and most of us put it off for as long as possible! However, dedicating some time to cleaning the inside of your oven will not only freshen up your kitchen but also give you a sense of achievement. Keeping your oven clean means keeping a valuable family appliance in good working order. The last thing you want is for your oven to break down! Clearing up all the grease, food debris, and grime that accumulates inside your oven means you’ll no longer have an eyesore in the middle of your kitchen, but you’ll also reduce potential fire risk and anything you cook inside your appliance won’t have a hint of whatever you made previously. Banana bread with a hint of pepperoni pizza, anyone?

Update your kitchen fabrics

Whether you have a cute pair of curtains or a practical set of blinds, dated tea towels, or an ancient pair of oven gloves, updating your kitchen fabrics to reflect the freshness of Spring will instantly breathe life into your kitchen space. Consider light, fresh patterns, or keep a spring theme in mind with floral designs and cheerful versions of your most practical kitchen fabrics.

Plant a kitchen garden

Buying herbs from the supermarket usually ends in disaster and a lot of waste. Not only do these herbs never last very long, but the quality is also usually varied. By planting your very own kitchen garden and growing your favorite cooking herbs such as basil, dill, coriander, and parsley on your windowsill, or by using a specific herb kit, you can enjoy fresh herbs whenever you need them, experience a delicious, fresh aroma, and brighten up your kitchen with some greenery.

Freshen up your cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are constantly in use. This means it doesn’t take long for them to look tired and dated. A simple lick of paint will give them an instant refresh, opt for light shades of white or even grey to give the illusion of space in your kitchen. You can also update the hardware and change the handles and knobs on your drawers and cupboard to finish off your new kitchen look.

And finally, refresh your backsplash

The kitchen backsplash never really looks clean, no matter how hard you scrub them. When they’ve been behind your oven for a lengthy period, there’s no way you can turn back the clock. To give your kitchen an instant Spring refresh, update your backsplash and replace it with something new. You can install new tiles or have a stainless-steel version fitted instead. Need assistance? Check out YouTube for some helpful videos or call in an expert.