The Deep Cleaning Diary – How to Rid Your Home of Dirt & Dust

Everyone strives for a clean and tidy home. After all, there are few things better than getting home at the end of a long day and being welcomed by a home that looks, smells, and feels fresh and amazing. Of course, getting your home to such a standard requires some time and effort on your part. In today’s article, we have a look at how you can easily rid your home of dirt and dust and turn it into your personal paradise after a long day. Read on to find out more!

Focus On Your Carpets

Did you know that carpets are the main culprit when it comes to accumulating dust and dirt? This is why it is so important that you spend some time cleaning your carpet once every few weeks. A great way to ensure your carpet is in tip-top condition is to invest in a carpet shampooer. Unlike a standard vacuum cleaner, carpet shampooers give your carpets a deep clean, leaving them stain-free and smelling fresh for weeks. Carpet shampooers give your rugs and carpets a flawless clean without the hassle of manual scrubbing and can take your home from drab to fab instantly. 

 Get Rid Of Clutter ASAP

The more clutter you have, the more surfaces you offer for dust and dirt to accumulate on. Getting rid of unnecessary clutter is a fantastic way of keeping your home feeling fresh and vibrant at all times. Do you have piles of clothing, toys, or magazines piling up in your rooms? The time has come to get rid of all unnecessary items around your home. Consider donating unwanted items or simply disposing of things that you haven’t used in years and watch as cleaning your home becomes so much easier than ever before.  Dan Dan The Carpet Man welcomes Port Orange locals to contact them about their in-depth carpet cleaning process.

Make A Habit of Dusting 

Of course, one of the best ways to rid your home of dirt and dust is to make a habit of dusting surfaces at least once a week. We highly recommend dedicating a few hours on the weekend to wiping down surfaces and dusting furniture. Some key areas to focus on include behind large appliances such as your television, floorboards, electronics, and cabinets or drawers. Using a vacuum cleaner to suck up dust and dirt off not just your floors but also larger items is also a fantastic idea. Just remember to empty your vacuum bags outside of the house in order to prevent dust from re-entering your home. 

  Invest in an Air Purifier

Air purifiers are an amazing option for those who suffer from asthma or allergies. Air purifiers work by filtering dust particles using a system of internal fans that can remove pollen and bacteria from the air in your home. For air purifiers to be effective, it is highly recommended that you have one for each room in your home. Do take note that you will still have to maintain your dusting schedule in order to get rid of non-airborne dirt and dust mites. 

 Change Your Bedding On a Weekly Basis

Dust mites love to dwell on pillows, mattresses, and bedsheets, which is why it is so important that you change your bedding on a weekly basis. You could even encase your mattresses and pillows in allergen-proof covers to keep the dust mites at bay. Sheets can also accumulate matter such as dead skin cells and fecal matter (yikes!), making it extra important to ensure that you keep on top of your bed sheet changing schedule

And there you have it – 5 simple ways in which you can eliminate dirt and dust from your home. We hope that this article has given you a few new ideas on how you can win the war against dust and dirt with minimal effort. 

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