Storage Ideas to Organize Your Travel Essentials


Everybody loves traveling! When you start packing you get so excited, you make a list of your travel essentials and keep things as organized as possible. When you travel organized it makes your trip so much more relaxing and fun. But, let’s be honest! The moment you return home and see all the dirty laundry and the mess of all travel supplies in your suitcase you feel discouraged! If you have a small apartment and very little storage space you may end up leaving a mess in your suitcase, random drawers, or under the bed. Next time you travel you get stressed out because you can’t find anything you need for your next journey. If this sounds like you- don’t worry! There is a way to organize everything and to store things like your toiletries, personal items, accessories, even your suitcase!


Where To Store Your Luggage At Home

We all need to have luggage, but it takes up so much space! The first advice is to pack smaller suitcases inside of larger ones. For example! Pack a duffel bag into a rolling carry-on and then put everything in a large suitcase. Depending on the space you have in your house or apartment you might store your luggage:

  1. In the basement or the garage
  2. In your closet, somewhere in the corner, or laying under your clothes
  3. Under your bed, if it fits, or invest in bed raisers
  4. In a closet under the stairs, if you have one
  5. On top of a closet

Make sure your suitcases are clean and dry to prevent mold and dampness. Try to store them near the bedroom, since you will do most of the packing there.

Organize Travel Accessories

The easiest way to store your travel accessories is in an empty suitcase. But what happens if you need them today? The smarter option is to use baskets and drawers, even a bit of empty shelf space will do the job. This makes it easy to just grab whatever you need for a trip or in your day-to-day life. And you will always know where to return it after your travels.

It’s also good advice to put traveled-sized items into ziplock bags. You can then organize them by categories (e.g. oral health, skincare, hair products, makeup, etc.)

Always keep your passport and travel documents in the same place. You can imagine how stressed you would be if you accidentally misplace them.

What If You Don’t Have Enough Space?

Sometimes it happens that you just don’t have enough space in your house. In that case, a good idea would be to rent a storage space. If you are from Singapore, there is a huge variety of Singapore storage spaces sizes, and types. There is even a new technology called Robotic Storage. It’s a no-man zone area you can access by your smartphone. If however, you want to choose a more classic style there are plenty of choices on the market. The most important thing is your convenience and comfort.


Now that you’ve learned all the tips and tricks you can easily pack, travel, and unpack without any worries! Organized and clean space will help with your productivity and your mental health. As the saying goes: “Clean space- Clear mind!”



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