The cheapest way to rent a car in the UAE?


If you are on a family vacation or a business trip and looking for an affordable car lease company? If yes, Open Google and start looking for the companies that provide you opportunities to book a car in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, etc. If you are successful to avail rent a car Dubai solutions, then your trip must be remarkable because you can roam around easily in your own vehicle.

In the UAE, there are many online and offline car rental companies that offer car booking and chauffeur solutions. Well, some of these companies are expensive while some offer coupons, and discounts for tourists all around the world. Booking the car in advance will not only save your time and money but also brings you a lot of comforts.

Tips to get the cheapest rental car in UAE:

In this blog, we will discuss a few tips to rent a cheap car in the UAE. You should follow these tips to rent a car according to your budget.

Focus on finding the right rental companies

You need to dig deeper to find out the best and cheapest car rental company. Many of them do not offer any kind of discounts or coupons to avail affordable rides. So, you must focus on the companies that offer excellent rates in the market. It is beneficial especially if you are in the UAE for the long term and you need monthly car rental solutions.

Always look for the coupons and discounts:

Many car rental companies offer discounts on specific types of cars in certain time periods. Many companies like rental car UAE offer a discount of 30% almost all year. Just keep looking for deserving prices and you will get a discounted price. Moreover, some companies provide discounts if you book online by using a debit or credit card. By using these ways you can easily get discounted rides or rental cars.

Avail coupons or discounts:

If you are a newsletter subscriber of any car company, keep looking for your emails or the company’s websites. Most of the time they are sending you coupon codes via email and you just have to enter it while booking your car and it will end up reducing your final cost.

Select compact rental cars:

Compact cars are the most affordable and cheap car rental solution. It is because these cars have good condition engines. Most of the companies provide you with upgrade options for no extra charges at all. Besides, you always have a choice to select your favorite car model for your UAE trip.

Hire a car according to your stay:

If you are looking for an affordable car in Dubai, make sure to know the details about when rates are on peak. Also, if your stay in the UAE is long, then prefer to hire a car on a weekly, or monthly basis to reduce your charges. Booking a car for a day or 2, cost you more than your expectations. Make a proper plan before car hire in UAE according to the budget.

Look for tour packages:

Most of the car rental companies offer minibusses or tour buses. So, if you are traveling in the UAE in a group then it is the best way to enjoy the cheapest rides. You can facilitate yourself with the travel packages offered by these companies. In addition to that, they are also offering many other things related to your Dubai trip.

Select the right car size:

You need a big car if you are traveling with your family. But if you are on a business trip a small rental car is more than enough for you. Always make sure to choose the right car before paying especially if you are booking online.

Always check for car insurance:

Looking for car insurance offers you a lot of benefits. It provides you the ease of mind and relaxation as insurance companies give your guarantee.


Here is the complete guide to select the best rental vehicle of your choice in the cheapest way possible. Just search and dig deeper to find the right car rental company to hire a car for your next UAE trip.