The big relapse: How to recover in your “quit smoking” journey


The authorities might have been doing everything in their power to get people to quit, but with one billion people in the world understood to be smokers, there’s still plenty of way to go.

As we all know, quitting isn’t easy. Sure, life events like motherhood can force you to quit, but even after then there is the danger of relapsing.

This is what today’s article is all about. We will now take a look at some tips that you should look to implement if you have relapsed in your journey to quit smoking.

What caused the relapse?

Something that you will have probably researched in your initial battle to quit was triggers. For those unaware, these are the points in your life which make you turn for a cigarette. It might be when you have an argument with a friend, or it might be as simple as when you drink a coffee.

Well, you almost need to carry out this process again. What exactly made you quit your quit journey, to coin a phrase? Was it an individual event, or was it something longer-term? Try and understand this so you can rewrite your quit plan to take this into account.

Are there any new products that can help your plight?

This next point will largely depend on the point in time you initially tried to quit smoking.

As we know, this is an industry which moves at quite the pace. The fact that nicotine patches are now regarded as normal says everything you need to know about how once-new techniques are taken in.

So, what’s one of the newer techniques nowadays? It would be fair to say that e-cigarettes fall into this category and even more recently, the fact that there are now so many different e liquid concentrate choices around is another prime example. Let’s not forget that initially, these e-cigarettes were just available in one flavour, which may have thwarted some people looking to quit. Now, flavour is no longer an excuse.

Make it difficult to smoke

This next point is something that you have probably been looking to do throughout your quit journey. However, the importance of it means that it is really worthy of its own section.

As we have already alluded to, everyone has smoking triggers. You need to be doing everything in your power to eliminate these situations from your life. Does coffee tend to make you smoke? Well, either try to ditch the beverage, or just consume it in an area where you know that smoking is plainly not allowed.

Or, putting triggers to one side for a minute, it might be about just taking yourself out of those environments where smoking is more likely. At times, as hard as it might be, this might even be friendship groups. Or, it might mean just taking yourself away from your normal group at work, who tend to relax with a cigarette.

In summary, getting back to basics is crucial, and this is where a lot of relapse plans can really come into their own.


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