Texas Rental Car Road Trip: Best Locations to Explore the State

Texas is the legendary state among all the 50 states of the United States of America. Texas is the only US state that acts as a separate independent unit – the republic. In addition, the nature of Texas is so multifaceted that it is difficult to imagine. Deserts, swamps, dense forests and prairies in one state, but that is true and all this can be seen and felt.

Any trip must be comfortable, so the great variant is car rental. Car is the main transport to travel around Texas.

You can rent a car not only in large cities, but also in small ones too, such as in Round Rock, Texas. Most often, this will require international law and insurance. Rental prices usually start at 40-50 USD per day.

Start your trip from taking a car at Round Rock, moving towards Austin and further. Did you know that the main headquarters of the global giant Dell Company is located in the suburb of Austin – the town of Round Rock?

Nevertheless, if you will move to the Georgetown, you could attend the magical caves of Sonora, which are among the most beautiful in the whole world. The caves are full of incredible beauty of crystals, unusual formations that attract the attention of tourists from all over the world. Experienced guides or speleologists accompany tours to these caves; they accompany tourists, providing an incredible opportunity to see these caves.

If you rent a car in Round Rock, you can freely drive to the quay of San Antonio is a favorite attraction of all tourists, who will necessarily visit at least one cafe along it.

It is obligatory to go to one of the most interesting and mysterious places in Texas – Lake Caddo. This lake is the only one of more than 200 lakes in Texas, which was not created artificially, but was created because of the actions of the forces of nature. The main attraction of the lake, of course, are the “bald” cypress trees.

Being in Texas, you can visit the Bean Bullock Museum – a historical museum that provides an opportunity to get acquainted with all the historical events of the state. Texas Capitol corresponds to the Renaissance, so the structure of this object is similar to the Washington Capitol, but is different facing. It is on the Texas Capitol in Texas that has its own statue of Liberty, in the hands of which is not a torch, but a Texas star. The Reunion Tower is a symbol of Dallas, as the Eiffel Tower is a symbol in France – this building with a height of 171 m. An amazing and fascinating place to relax with the whole family can be called Amusement Park Six Flags. This park provides entertainment for all ages, from small children to their parents.


Texas State is quite big for explore everything, but if you are here for a long time and plan to see as much as possible, rent a car in Texas and drive to watch the natural beauty of the state.

Visit the Big Bend National Park that is located near the border with Mexico – beautiful views of the Desert Mountains, a variety of wild animal species and bright landscapes.

One more interesting place is Padre Island National Seashore – a natural reserve, located on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico.

Guadalupe Mountains national park also deserves your attention, being one of the most beautiful parks in Texas that with the wild life and deserts.


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