Real Estate Christmas Cards – Holiday Decors that Add Value to Your Home

The holiday season might not be the hottest time to look for sellers for your home. However, it also presents a unique opportunity on how you can add value to your estate by putting up holiday decorations. Apart from leaving real estate Christmas cards from prospective buyers, in this article, we will talk about the many ways that you can present your home as the perfect holiday purchase.

Everyone loves the holiday season. This is the reason why a few glittery lights here and there alongside a few ornaments is always welcome. It gives the whole place an inviting and welcoming vibe.

As you would probably have guessed, buyers look at homes and imagine themselves living in them. And because of this, they might like to bring their own traditions and cultures with them when they move in. This is why some agents would recommend that you tone down on culture specific decors as it may dissuade other people from putting your house as part of their consideration. However, as mentioned earlier, adding a little joy to your house cannot hurt as long as you know which ones to put and which ones to ditch altogether.

If your intention is to have your house overflow with joy as the onlookers would be enticed to owning your home then here are quick tips that Santa has gifted you.

Real Estate Christmas Cards: Be Inclusive in Your Decorations

If we were to give you a quick summary, the simple trick is to simply find decor that would appeal to as many different kinds of home buyers as possible. This means, not only to look for designs that would be appropriate to any custom or religion but to all kinds of tastes as well. The principle here is that the buyer should be able to picture the house as his or her own. Sad to say, the owner’s personal preferences should not be reflected on the house as much as possible.

This means you have to ditch a few stuff in your house that you may have a personal connection like for instance, the best mom or best dad signs that you hang around the house. Not everyone dreams of having a family and there is a big home buyer market for young single professionals. Another obvious example are decors that feature a specific holiday like Christmas. While it may be fun to look at for Christian couples to see stockings lined up on a fireplace and a yard full of reindeer, not everyone shares the belief. They may not find it offensive but it could deter them from buying your home because they might be able to picture themselves living in it.

A few lights, here and there, would not hurt however as the holiday season is generally celebrated by the majority of the populace but be careful not to overdo it. You would not want to make your house look like the ugly Christmas sweater you were forced to wear. The trick is to find the right balance between a dim holiday, and a full on carnival.

Real Estate Christmas Cards: Unless Your Neighbors are In to It

If you live in a jolly neighborhood however who celebrates Christmas as majestically as it should, then you may want to consider setting your home ablaze with Christmas lights and putting up all the decors that screams merry Christmas.

Prospective buyers looking for a house in your locality might already be aware of the situation and would actually appreciate to join such a festive atmosphere. But, if you feel a hint of diversity, then once again you have to tone down on the culture specific decor.

There is also an argument for forgoing any form of decor regardless of what the neighbors are doing. This way, the buyers would be able to decide for themselves if they should go with it or leave their homes undecorated. Some even point out that the risk in losing buyers is so much more compared to the value you gain by decorating your home.

Real Estate Christmas Cards: How you can Decorate Anyway

If you really do want to put up decorations and disregard the possible loss of potential buyers, then there are a few things that you should definitely keep in mind.

Avoid the outrageous decor. You know what I am talking about – those inflatable snowmen, a complete set of elves huddled around a moving Santa, and life size figures of angels flapping about. The more you think about it, the more it seems wrong to try to sell this house the same way you would not want to go out wearing too much makeup.

When decorating for the benefit of potential homeowners, the best way to go is to put up classic decor. This means a wreath instead of some cheesy signs that only applies to certain groups of people. Choose traditional symbols over novel products that would look tacky the minute Christmas is over. Do not give the impression that your house would require a lot of cleaning the minute someone buys your house.

Be choosy in putting up the lights. While it is generally regarded as one of the most sought after Christmas symbol, Christmas lights are not generally welcome for people that are unfamiliar with the tradition. Other than the fact that they are distracting, they can also bury the house’s outline because of the brightness which could force them to decline making an offer. A few lights by a christmas tree outside, on the lawn, might be appropriate but putting on lights dangling from every lining in your house might not be the best idea.

Finally, make sure that you have real estate Christmas cards handy whenever someone comes and shows interest in purchasing your home. It might be a good idea to feature the house you are selling itself in the card which puts the house in the best light possible.


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