Swipe Aesha Waks supplies answers to some of today’s hard questions

Redefining Feminism, Ghosting vs. Walking Dead, + Covert Narcissisim in Relationships by Author Aesha Waks.

Indie winning actress Aesha Waks is taking the dating world by storm with her new book Swipe sold in Barnes and Noble and elsewhere. During these hard times of quarantine, Aesha clearly outlines the best ways to move forward in the safest and most candid way. 

How does one navigate the waters of dating during the pandemic?
Just like regular times on dating sites and through friends we continue meeting people except now we must social distance of both parties haven’t tested negative for Covid or have anyone bodies.

How do you spot narcissists and gaslighters before it’s too late?
Do not ignore red flags when you feel people are belittling you or trying to make it seem like their time is more important than yours. Yes it’s true some people are insecure and afraid of rejection but we need to go based on people’s actions, not words. You cannot know people’s intentions based on words alone, the actions need to match up!

How do men and women view feminism and how has that evolved?
Feminism is based on the equal rights of the sexes. A lot of men are riding those coat tails and forgetting how to be gentleman just because woman have rights and that’s not good. Woman need to remind men who it is that needs to open a door if they are still old fashioned and expect to be respected on principals they do not want to modernize.

What is the difference between Ghosting and the walking dead?

Ghosting is complete purposeful abandonment and walking dead- a funny term I use when the conversation gets abandoned but the abandoned still watches insta stories and likes photos of their “hopeful victim”

How do you turn unhopeful love into friendship?

If you feel the Love connection Isn’t going anywhere feel free to suggest friendship as an alternative

What is the difference between a Passive aggressive/covert narcissist vs outward narcissist?

The outward Narcissists have no problem speaking their mind on how wonderful they are and what they expect, unfair or not. The covert/ passive one will keep everything to themselves and expect people to guess how wonderful they are!

What is the difference between the Bait and switch guy vs a player?

The player has a numbers game of how many bitches he can add to his belt physically. The bait and switcher is looking to love bomb and then take it all back when reciprocated looking to blame it on their “victim” they do this because they wana feel like they could have had that person and mixed with their fear of rejection it is good enough and safe enough for them to play this game

When do you know you are playing TOO Hard to get gone overboard?

When an old fashioned woman keeps her self respect and a boy looks at this as him getting rejected. Modern times may confuse some boys so maybe try and drop some hints such as saying things like” who is the woman here”! This kind of cheeky ness can be a good reminder and test of Sence of humor levels because at this point it’s a dead game anyway if the man is courting anyway!

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