Surprising Gifts for Couples


Finding a gift for one person isn’t easy, but finding a gift for a couple can be doubly difficult. Not to mention that we all have those friends who seem to have everything. When birthdays, anniversaries, or the holidays come around, it can be a big challenge to find something that not only do they not have yet but also something they’ll both love.

If you’re running out of ideas on what to get your lovey-dovey friends, here are some great ideas that will get them excited.

Matching onesies

This idea might not be new, but your onesies don’t have to be boring either. As a tip, look for character onesie pajamas that can double as Halloween costumes, too. Not only can they cuddle with each other looking cute and silly, but you’ll find your gift in lots of photos, too!

Designer Dog

You’ve heard of mixed breeds, but do you know what a designer dog is? Goldendoodles, puggles, cockapoos, and pomskies are some of the popular designer dog breeds right now.

They won’t be competing in highbrow dog shows any time soon, but designer dogs bring the best parts of different breeds to create one adorable pet. This is perfect for dog lovers or couples who just moved into a new home!

Personalized sky map

If you’re looking for an anniversary, wedding, or engagement gift, a sky map would be a very creative way of reminding them of their special day. Sky maps are illustrations of stars and constellations on a special day. You can find them from official providers like Mapiful, but there are also many Etsy sellers who can design these for a cheaper price.

Matching His & Hers Watches

If you don’t want to be so obvious with your matching outfits or onesies, buying a set of watches that look similar or the same is a great option for couples. These matching couples watches are a great place to start your hunt for the kind of style that you both like. Otherwise, head to your local jewelry store and see what they have to offer.

Matching passport covers

Traveling is one of the best bonding activities any couple can do, and what couple won’t love to travel? Getting them a plane ticket might be out of budget, but matching passport covers remind them of their love for travel and each other.

There are many options on Amazon that provide extra organization or storage, but Etsy is a great source, too. They’re not just beautifully designed but also give customization options so you can stamp their names on the cover.

A Year of Dates

Just as you’re running out of ideas for a good couple gift, your friends are also running out of ideas on romantic dates. Help everyone out with “A Year of Dates,” which is a box full of ideas on where to go or what to do every week of the year. They come with 51 sealed envelopes with dates suitable for any couple of any age and gender.

Love Is Art Canvas and Paint Kit

For your more adventurous friends or maybe for those who need a bit more adventure, the Love is Art Canvas and Paint Kit is a fun and naughty gift to give. It comes with a canvas and non-toxic paint meant for couples to use during their intimate moment. The results can be either abstract art or a mess of jumbled paint on a canvas, but it is guaranteed fun and romantic at the same time.

Personalized Love Story Book

Any couple’s favorite love story is their own, so why not make it into a book? Love Book creates personalized illustrated storybooks, including couple emojis and illustrated scenes. The website lets you customize the book as little or as much as you want. You can start with templates or pre-written snippets or just write their whole story from scratch.

Massage gift certificates

Nobody says no to a massage. For couples who are always hard at work, massage gift certificates are great no-fuss gifts to give. It can be as simple as one-hour massages, but try to find a nearby spa they can go to for a special couple’s massage. If you’re up for it, include add-ons, like special scents, hot stones, or after-massage buffets.

Personalized Wedding Invitation Keepsake

If your friends are getting married, or just got married, or anywhere near married, a personalized wedding keepsake will immortalize the day they said their “I do’s.” Couples spend a lot of time designing their invites–looking for the best fonts and images and layouts. Instead of simply framing it, immortalizing their invites on wood transforms it into a work of art.


Cool gifts don’t have to be expensive, and these are sure to be memorable. But whatever you choose to give the couple, the most important part is the love and care that you show them every day.


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