Steam Bathing: How a Simple Shower Can Improve Your Health and Beauty

The human body has its ways to maintain its functions and do the necessary to protect it when exposed to toxins and substances present in the environment. Eliminating these harmful elements is done through the kidney and the skin. Although they differ in the manner of breaking down and removing toxins out of the body, protecting them both is essential to enjoy a longer life.

One of the ways to forcefully eject toxins is through steam bathing, or the use of warm or moist heat while taking a bath to open up the pores of the skin. Through this heating effect, the toxins can seep out of the large pores via sweat. It also helps the body to improve blood circulation that is essential in bringing oxygen and nutrients to all areas of the body. Steam baths or steam showers are safe and beneficial for almost every age and can be done at home. Trying this type of bathing for at least once a week can help the body to look and feel healthier.

Soothes the body and mind

Heat has been used as a natural tension and pain reliever for many years. So when taking a steam bath, the body will have a soothing sensation from pains and stiffness alongside the flushing out of toxins that can put the body to ease. Heat also helps muscles and even joints relax, leaving the body free from stress.

Aside from relieving tension, taking a steam bath can also reduce the production of adrenaline in the body which is responsible for creating a specific response during a stressful situation. On the other hand, steam showers result in the release of endorphins, by the brain, which give positive feeling in the body. These responses do not only soothe the body from pain but also frees the mind from stress and anxiety.

Cleanses the skin

Steam bathing is also known as an effective beauty regimen for the skin as it removes dirt, germs and bacteria. These microorganisms are the cause of most skin problems, and eliminating them can help the skin look good and healthy. This process helps flush away toxins and infectious diseases present on the skin through sweating. The improvement in the skin condition is due to the hot environment during a steam shower that enables the body to perspire a lot. The positive effects can be seen instantly.

Helps with weight loss

Getting a steam shower can also help reduce weight, accompanied by regular exercise and proper diet. Aside from eliminating toxins, bathing in a warm environment can help remove excess water, salt, and other flushable substances present in the body. A steam shower can also burn calories, which means losing several pounds after a few steam bath sessions. It can also help increase body metabolism that helps in converting calories into energy instead of storing them in the body, making a steam shower almost like an exercise.

Steam bathing only proves that the traditional and natural ways of getting healthy and beautiful can survive even in the world of technological and medical advancement.


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