How To Sustain Your Long-distance Love Story


If you are madly in love right now but your partner lives thousands of miles away from you, you are not alone. There are many couples all around the world having a long-distance relationship. Some might have met during crazy days of exchange semester, others have got together after a drink or two during an international assignment. However, all of them share something unique – the struggle of being in a true relationship without an opportunity to be physically present in the same location.

Nevertheless, statistics show that 58% of such couples are actually successful. Therefore, one may conclude that impossible is nothing, and there are certain steps these people take to remain in a close connection with each other. In this article, we will examine these steps and strategies which allow people residing in different parts of the world to have that fire and magic in their digital relationship still.

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How To Be Together When Distance Sets You Apart

The main thing in a distant relationship is that separation tests you for durability. Kilometers would separate the couple as if they were lit up and diagnose whether they are love or not. To be more precise, it is not just about love, but the very same thing that is called true love – when everyone is sure that his partner is finally the same. If so, you are not afraid.

In other cases, if you are not sure, ask yourself an unpleasant question: is it worth wasting time and energy on a person with whom you may end up getting hurt? Those who know for a fact that his novel is a part of the story of great love will not damage the safety rope. How can we survive and bear this separation with the least losses and keep the relationship at a distance? Here is how:

  • Always be in touch: People who aren’t physically close to each other lose a lot because they can’t share the simplest joy/news. Do it – share it. “I fell asleep in the subway today and drove two extra stops” or “It’s freezing as hell at work today” – these texts, which seem to be unnecessary and episodic, create a feeling of constant presence, blur the boundaries;
  • Find interesting online activities: Fill in your evenings and other free time with various activities you both wanted to try out. Don’t stand still, develop, learn new things; in the end, it will be useful not only for you personally but also for you as a couple. Firstly, there will be something to tell, and secondly, a person who moves forward and changes, is always better to be with;
  • Talk about everything honestly: If you disagree, you must share it. However, there are polar opinions on this matter – some believe that in the conditions of separation it is better not to blame your partner for the negative, but to cope on your own, while others believe that it is necessary to pour it all out. In the end, it is your decision on how to act. Keep in mind, though, that relationships which are built on distrust and lies are going to be drawn in the same principles;
  • Surprise each other: paying a visit on an unexpected Monday morning can be both exciting and very inappropriate. However, a well-planned surprise visit on Friday night and over a weekend is always a good way to show your feelings and get together at least for a few days.

Being apart can sometimes also have its advantages. You may not fight over daily chores or because of the bad mood. You are more likely to appreciate the time spent with each other and forgive small things faster. Nevertheless, it is always a matter of discussion on how you want to proceed in your story and who is to move to another person’s city or country. In the end, though, you should want the same thing as much as possible to make it happen. Otherwise, any kind of relationship, even a not long-distance one, would fail.

All in all, datings somebody from across the ocean is not a scenario of the romantic movie. It is a reality of the digital age. The reality we all have to learn how to cope with and live in.