Preventative measures to reduce your acne and blemishes

The worst of all, not all methods are sure to succeed for everyone in preventing acne and blemishes. Acne can really be a nuisance, especially when it crops up at the worst of times.

It can be before a big day or an important meeting, but there are main methods and treatments that will keep them in check. Still, there are many methods and treatments that you can try to reduce the amount of acne you are getting.

Properly washing your face

Washing your face properly may be key to your success. Doctor Liv Kraemer has a few tips and recommendations on washing your face to prevent acne from cropping up.

The key point to remember is to wash your face twice a day, every day. This will help to remove excess oil, dirt, and sweat daily. To be less aggressive with the skin and reduce acne a foam cleanser is much better as it has a bigger surface and is therefore very mild. Washing hands is important to minimize transferring bacteria on to your face. Another way to minimize bacteria overload is to use a towel for your face only and washing them frequently.

To wash your face properly, avoid using soap and opt for a cleanser with salicylic acid or glycolic acid, such as the ones offered by, as they help to clean pores from dirt and sebum. To increase the effectiveness of these active ingredients, you have to slowly increase the washing and leave on time.

This method to prevent acne from reappearing less often will take a longer time to see a big difference. However, in the long-term, you will see less to no breakouts if you follow religiously this method. It has to become a part of everyday life like brushing teeth.

Cutting out dairy

Changing your diet can have massive effects on your skin and other factors. There are many factors affecting your skin such as genetics, hormones, and lifestyles.

One of the major but still controversial diet changes that can help and aid in the reduction of breakouts is to cut out dairy products. This method might not work for everyone but its worth a try. Experimenting to see how your skin will react is the best way to know if it’s successful.

The main reason why dairy products cause your breakouts is because of the high number of hormones in the milk which increase the current level of hormones that you already have. From a study in 2005, scientists found that there was a correlation between acne breakouts and the total intake of milk in teenagers.

The effectiveness of this method will vary from person to person and cannot be vowed as extremely effective. Considering time as a factor as to whether this method is effective or not is important. As some can see, a big difference after just one week of cutting out dairy. Others see a difference from 21 days to three months. Many experts agree that it takes three to four weeks before you see any improvements.

Witch hazel

This fantastic plant has been used for thousands of years for its healing powers. This home remedy not only reduces the acne breakouts, but it is the best and safest natural alternative to many anti-acne products.

Using witch hazel as a spot treatment is very effective in reducing the blemish and for it not to reappear. Just apply some directly to the affected area of the skin for a night and wake up with reduced acne.

However, even though it works great by itself for even better results and effects, combine it with anti-acne ingredients such as coconut or tree tea oil.

This might seem like a short-term fix but get the full effectiveness of the witch hazel you should consider using it for a longer-term. As it can reduce inflammation, oiliness, and bacteria growth, which helps the skin heal faster.


These 3 treatments and methods will help you reduce the amount of acne you are getting. You should experiment with all methods to see which one’s work best for you and your skin type to preventing it and making it come out as rarely as possible. The main thing with these methods to remember is that they won’t fix your acne overnight but will defiantly make it so much better in the long-term.


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