Staying Profitable When the Economy Isn’t


Staying Profitable When the Economy Isn’t

Every company has a desire to be profitable. Without profit, there would cease to be a company. The company that chooses to watch their bottom line as a matter of daily practice stand the best chance at fighting the odds and failures commonly associated with recessions. Although it true that the economy plays a role in how well your business can thrive, it doesn’t have to control your profitability. There are many things you can do to proactively address the downturns of an economic crisis in order to continue to grow, as seen in the remarkable success of Roger Osteen Jacksonville developer. In spite of a financial crisis sweeping the country and a real estate market that ware barely limping along, Roger O’steen was able to thrive and come out on the other side stronger than before. If your goal is a similar success, consider these management solutions.

Look at External Funding Options

If you have been relying on your own credit or saving, consider funding from other sources. During a recession, there is a significant uptick in the activities of angel investors who can help finance your start-up. While going into debt should be an option that evaluated carefully, small business loans are another way to ensure your personal finances don’t stunt the growth of your business. The Small Business Administration has several programs to help entrepreneurs with financing. There are also short-term finance solutions through vendor financing such as factoring. The key to borrowing is moderation and only assuming debt that can be managed.

Manage Your Labor

Although you should treat your employees fairly and pay them what they are worth, having inflated positions can be a long-term drain on profitability. Bigger is not always better when it comes to your operations and hiring practices. With the help of business management software, you can evaluate whether or not your intake is worth the funds being spent on employee output. Operating with efficiency is one way to survive a recession. Make sure your hires are trained and experienced, giving you more for your investment when it comes to workload and abilities.

Consider Taking a Pay Cut

Even though this might further limit your financial investment abilities, if your business is feeling the pressure, you might be able to stop the bleeding. If the company is facing dwindling cash reserves, consider temporarily reducing your salary. As profits and business improve, you can adjust your paycheck as needed.

Stick to a Tight Budget

Just as extras are the first things cut from a personal budget and spending plan, the same needs to happen with your company if you are going to remain standing as the recession passes. Don’t be buying new furniture or upgrading all of the office equipment to the latest high-end devices that have hit the market. One way to benefit from the efficiency such items bring without overloading your budget is to lease the equipment. This doesn’t tie up extra cash, and the costs can be used as tax deductions. Look at used furniture or shop around and renegotiate supply contracts. Focus on the priorities and include other items once the economy and the business finances even out.

Use Creative Marketing

Investing in additional marketing is another way to increase your sales or customer bases, but this doesn’t mean it needs to be costly. Offering referral incentives is a powerful way to gain new clients. You can offer a discounted product or a loyalty program to increase sales. You can also take advantage of digital advertising through social media sites. There are low costs and can be tailored to your desired audience.

Just because the economy is struggling doesn’t mean your business has too. If you have laid the foundation of your business with strong financial management principles, you can remain profitable and on track for growth.

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