Coba Board #BuildABetterButt Now on Kickstarter

If you want great glutes and back this now,

Westchester County native, entrepreneur and former Division 1 athlete Jim Duffy is intent on throwing the world a new curve or two with the launch of  his revolutionary new exercise product today on Kickstarter.

The COBA Counterbalance Glute Trainer (COBA Board) has a patented counterbalance design to help shape, tone and build difficult to activate glute muscles. It’s faster, safer and more effective than traditional gym exercises and is scientifically proven to be effective through an independent study by Dr. Scott Lynn PhD. California State University, Fullerton.

COBA Burn Classes – Testimonial by professional trainers

The suggested retail price for the COBA board will be $189.00 but if you want a better backside, back Jim’s concept now on Kickstarter and save almost 45% on super early bird packages.


Link here to Kickstarter:

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