Snow White Facial at Primary Aesthetic in Bedford NY

It’s a miracle. My brown spots are gone.

I was struggling every time I looked in the mirror. I had what seemed like a new brown spot every day.  They were ugly. I had no idea how to make them go away.

That is until I spoke to Elena Ginsberg at Primary Aesthetic Skin Care located in Bedford NY.

She said to try the Snow White Facial. I immediately googled Snow White Facial and some of the results were a little risque even for me.

Although I love the seven dwarfs but not in that way.

After some explanation, it sounded like a dream come true.

The Snow White Facial is a combination of whitening hydrated serum with the Microneedling method. It is an intensive skin treatment that uses specific technology to permeate the first layer of skin which is rapidly released from the microneedling pen. The treatment is painless and has no downtime!

The ultimate treatment for glowing white skin tone  This Hydrapeel device which infuses key active ingredients into the skin surface ensures effective absorption and brightened skin tone levels like never before.

I couldn’t make the appointment fast enough. Although until I experienced this miracle Snow White Facial I was skeptical.

The treatment was an instant success.  My brown spots are gone. My wrinkles, brown spots, and pores ….what wrinkles, what brown spots, no pores… Problem solved!!!!


Primary Aesthetic Skin Care