6 Seconds To Liking Each Other Again

Anyone else wish there was a magic bullet for liking your husband more? Anyone? Yup, me too.

Because let’s face it, life is stressful and busy and completely intimacy killing. No bueno.

While magic bullets are a rare breed, there’s one that has the power to make you like each other more/again/finally: the six second kiss.

Science says a six second kiss with your partner 2x a day is enough to either keep your flame burning or, if you’re like me, relight it. Just six seconds. Two times. That’s pretty doable, even for overtired and crazed mamas like me.

I’m always up for trying something new in the name of research so I gave it a whirl. Ya know what? IT WORKED! I found the six seconds and kissed my partner 2x a day. Turns out the science is right. It really connected us! Fascinating…

Here’s why: six seconds is just enough time to go from a peck to a smooch to something deeper. It turns out in kissy face land, six seconds allows for a nice long stretch of lip locking. And interestingly, each time the six seconds were up, I found it hard to pull away because I was just on the verge of getting wound up and turned on. At two seconds, I could’ve easily ended it. Same goes for four. But that extra two seconds….that’s what does it.

Our lives as moms are insanely busy. And most days, I’m guessing that you and your partner aren’t kissing as much as pecking between run-ins. IF that.

So if six seconds (yes, really twelve) can make us feel wanted and connected to our mates, shouldn’t we give it the ol’ college try? Not only do we deserve that intimacy but it also has the power to ease our stress. Serotonin. Oxytocin. All that stuff releases when we kiss. It’s a drug flood and trust me, it helps.

Maybe it sounds crazy. Maybe it makes sense. Either way, it’s worth a shot. We all have twelve seconds, right? Even if it means telling the kids to wait a minute.


Brooke Christian – Flirtygirl

Brooke Christian is the founder of Flirty Girl, a sexual empowerment platform where sex and motherhood collide. Via her blog, writings, speeches, social media presence and influencer status, Brooke helps fellow moms overcome the pervasive, yet unspoken, issues plaguing them today: sex, body image, identity crisis’ and lack of libido. She is passionately dedicated to not only changing moms’ sex lives but to changing the conversation about sex and motherhood. Having run marketing and promotions at the country’s top women’s magazines like InStyle, Harper’s Bazaar, O, The Oprah Magazine and Real Simple, Brooke connects with women potently and quickly at their most vulnerable. Brooke is a popular speaker at women’s conferences and sexual health expos and is a frequent podcast guest on shows like Shamelessly Feminine, Marriage & Martinis and Playboy Radio. Brooke’s work and commentary has been featured all over the blogosphere including top websites such as Glamour, Bustle, Killing Kittens, Motherhustle and more.


Follow her on Instagram @flirtygirlguide and visit her website at www.flirtygirlguide.com

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